According to the Moto G page on the Brazilian Motorola website, there appears to be another model of the company’s affordable Moto X alternative in the works, sporting LTE and a variety of other minor changes (via Android Police). It was only a matter of time before this device popped up consider its predecessor had 4G capable model, and now it’s (almost) here.

On top of LTE cellular connectivity, the specifications section makes note of some other differences between the new model and the previous 3G-only device. Of note is the 16 GB of flash storage by default and a larger 2390 mAh battery (compared to the previous 2070 mAh).

Many of the device’s other specs, like its camera, RAM, processor, and screen (despite the fact that Motorola seems to have given the screen its own “LTE” line) seem to be the same as the previous model. Notably, however, if this phone ever makes it outside of Brazil, most locales probably won’t receive this model with dual-SIM capability.

Here’s the full spec sheet, which you can find on the Motorola Brazil website:

Motorola- Moto G da Motorola-Celulares-Smartphone-Motorola Brasil 2014-12-29 12-43-02

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