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The Palm smartphone brand may not be as dead it seemed. While parent company HP has already taken the company apart and sold off its remnants, there’s some new evidence pointing to the idea that the name, logo, and other related trademarks may be preparing to make a comeback.

Specifically, HP sold Palm’s trademarks to a company called Wide Progress Global Limited. Other trademarks owned by that company include… absolutely nothing. It seems Wide Progress Global was created solely to handle the Palm trademarks until some other company could put them to use.

The Palm website now redirects to new site called “My New Palm,” which has nothing more than a video displaying the Palm logo with the slogan “Smart Move.” That’s the same tagline employed by Android handset maker Alcatel Onetouch, which produces budget phones for sale mostly in Asian markets.

Both Wide Progress Global also lists Nicolas Zibell as a vice president at the company. Zibell is president of Alcatel’s relatively unknown American arm. The relationship between the companies lends credence to the idea that WPG is actually holding these trademarks for Alcatel.

As mentioned above, Alcatel isn’t exactly known for its high-end flagship phones, but rather its mid- to low-range budget devices. What the smartphone maker plans to do with this newly acquired brand has yet to be seen, but it doesn’t seem out of the realm of possibility that it might be used to launch a Palm-branded phone in the US with the intention of gaining traction in the market.

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