Previously leaked, Acer today announced two new Chromebooks aimed at education customers with the introduction of the new Acer Chromebook C910 and Acer Chromebook C740.

Both of the new Chromebooks are being touted as affordable options for the classroom with the C910 featuring a 15.6-display and the C740 offering a more compact design with an 11.6-inch display.

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Acer said it designed the new Chromebooks to be extra durable in order to withstand getting thrown around the classroom and into backpacks:

Knowing that students can be especially harsh on their devices, the Acer C910 and C740 Chromebooks 15 were designed with extra durability features. The C910 and C740 both have reinforced covers that can withstand up to 60kg of force, while the corners can tolerate up to 45cm drops without damage. Also, the hinges have been reinforced, so the new Chromebooks can endure more twisting and stress. It is likely that the C740 Chromebook will be frequently moved thanks to its compact size, so Acer designed it with extended metal hinges that keep the device more rigid in case a student mistakenly picks it up by the display or crams it in a backpack.

The company will offer the larger 15.6-inch C910 with a full HD IPS (1920×1080 resolution) display or a less expensive HD (1366×768 resolution). Both of the new Chromebooks will offer a 5th Generation Intel Core i3-5005U processor or next-generation Intel Celeron 3205U processor.

C910 starts at $299 with a 16GB SSD and 4GB of RAM (32GB SSD option available), and the C740 starts at $259 with a 16GB SSD and 2GB of RAM (also available with 4GB of RAM). 

Acer, which is showing off the new Chromebooks during BETT 2015 in London this week, made a point of noting it’s currently at roughly 40 percent market share worldwide for Chromebooks.

The two new Chromebooks arrive in February through the usual retailers in the US.

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