It appears that Google is about ready to jump into the kid-friendly mobile app space, as Launchpad toys has today announced that they’ve been acquired by the Mountain View company. Known for its Toontastic storytelling app for kids, the company is joining Google to “create even more amazing creativity tools for kids.”

As mentioned on the company’s website:

We’re proud to announce that our little toy company is pairing up with a great big team of tinkerers to empower GAJILLIONS of playful storytellers around the world. Launchpad Toys is joining Google to create even more amazing creativity tools for kids. Today, we’ve made our digital toys and tools free to creative kids everywhere. Tomorrow… well, we can’t wait to share.

Interestingly, the company’s super-popular offering, Toontastic, is only compatible with Apple’s iPad. While it definitely wouldn’t be the first of many Google-owned apps to be available on the App Store, it’s worth noting that Launchpad Toys’ main offering isn’t even available on the Play Store.

Additionally, it appears that Google has made the app—which used to come at a premium—completely free for anyone who would like to download it. All of Toontastic’s in-app playsets are also now available free of charge.

There’s no telling what Google has planned for the future of Launchpad Toys, but it’s worth remembering that Google definitely has its sights set on some of the youngest of customers. As I mentioned in my roundup of things to expect from Google in 2015, Google has plans to introduce kid-friendly versions of many of its services soon.

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