It looks like there is definitely some truth to evidence suggesting that the Snapdragon 810 has been facing some problems with overheating. Dutch site Tweakers has taken the HTC One M9 through a series of tests, and it looks like overheating problems with Qualcomm’s processor are still very much a valid concern. Specifically, while running GFXBench, the site has recorded the HTC One M9 to have a surface temperature of around 55 degrees Celsius—or 131 degrees Fahrenheit.

The above image shows the rear surface temperature of 5 flagship devices, all running the same GFXBench benchmark test. The dutch site says that while running games, the HTC One M9 hovers “around 42.5 degrees”, which is still higher than the other devices that reportedly “remain below 38 degrees.” But the real problem surfaces when running this GFXBench benchmark, resulting in a surface temperature of 55 degrees Celsius on the backside of HTC’s new flagship.

It’s not uncommon for phones to get warm while running benchmarks, but the thermal imaging above makes it clear that this isn’t just a normal amount of heat—the other four devices were running the same test. 131 degrees Fahrenheit is definitely in realm of “painful” to the touch, and to add to that, Tweakers says that the HTC One M9 didn’t have any mechanism in place to shut itself off.

It’s worth noting, though, that this test was of course done on a device that has unfinalized software, and this could very well be something that HTC manages to fix before we see the device hit United States retail. As for when that will happen, we got a bit of evidence this morning that Wednesday could be the big day that HTC announces One M9 availability.

Update: HTC’s Jeff Gordon has come out to remind us that the One M9’s software isn’t final…

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