Google has pushed out the stable version of Chrome 42 to Windows, Mac, and Linux users. The latest version of Google’s web browser includes the Push API for sending notifications from the web.

We highlighted these new browser-based push notifications last month when Chrome 42 reached beta. Similar to Apple’s Safari browser, Chrome 42 lets sites push notifications to your through the browser even if you don’t have the web page open. This offers an app-like experience on the web. Once a developer implements push notifications for a web site, you have the choice to opt-in or opt-out at any point.

The latest version of Chrome also contains some 45 security fixes and “lots of under the hood changes for stability and performance.” There’s also a ‘42/meaning of life‘ joke on the Chrome blog that Google just couldn’t resist. Chrome 42 is auto-updating starting today, or you can grab the latest version here.

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