Samsung has today kicked off its “Next is Now” campaign to promote the Galaxy S6 (and S6 Edge), and it’s happening in three parts. The first part has launched on YouTube today, featuring Jetman Yves Rossy, and the other two will be shared over the next two weeks.

We’ll see how the next two parts of the campaign go, but today’s video—while cool—is a pretty bizarre attempt at promoting the quick charge capabilities of the phone. The Galaxy S6 fast charging feature is pitted against Yves Rossy in a “race” to see if Jetman can fly 40 KM before the phone reaches 10%.

While 10% might just seem like some arbitrary number at first, it’s Samsung’s claimed point at which the flagship can get 4 hours of usage. Of course, the phone reaches that 10 % mark before Rossy gets there—giving the Galaxy S6 the “victory”.

Our thoughts: My take on this is basically the same as the current top YouTube comment: “With the money they have thrown to do this charade, they could have improved the battery cell.”

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