Google announced today that it’s expanding the virtual meetings it launched last year using new Chromebox hardware to allow larger groups of up to 20 people. The expanded support will accommodate larger meeting rooms with more people, but it will also require new Chromebox for meetings hardware that provides pan-tilt-zoom camera features, additional mics and speakers for the larger groups, and improved support for dual screen setups:

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  • Pan-tilt-zoom camera: USB-enabled 1080 HD PTZ delivers professional video quality for larger conference spaces.
  • 2x microphone and speaker: Capture conversations in longer rooms with an additional mic and speaker.
  • Enhanced dual screen support: Now you can connect two monitors to the PTZ camera and dual microphone and speakers, so your participants can get the richest video conferencing experience.

In addition to the new hardware offering support for larger groups, Google noted an improved screenshare experience and enhanced management controls are coming too:

Better screenshare experience. Full-screen mode in Chromebox for meetings allows for better presentations. This is now available with any sized meeting room powered by Chrome… More management controls. We’re adding more Chrome management controls to the admin panel. Admins can remotely monitor the health of their Chrome devices in one simple view to see which devices are online or offline. Chrome management also lets admins delegate administration of devices to other users besides the super admin.

The new Chromebox for meetings hardware for up to 20 people is $1999 and available now in the US. That’s compared to the original small room bundle that supports up to 8 people and starts at $999.

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