Along with the 2nd generation Chromecast that Google unveiled today, the company also showed off an audio-focused version of the device. Not to be confused with Google Cast for Audio, which is Google’s platform for making speakers and other audio hardware directly compatible with the Chromecast,  “Chromecast Audio” is a Chromecast itself that will plug into your speakers by way of 3.5 mm headphone jack…

This device also packs multi-room support, meaning that you can link up several networked devices to power multiple speakers in your home. Additionally, the device allows you to directly mirror the audio coming from your Chrome browser or an Android phone. Google brags that the device will feature “high-quality” audio, and that Spotify will indeed support it.

Chromecast Audio is coming to 17 countries today for $35, just like the standard 2nd generation Chromecast.

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