A Brief History Of Android Easter Eggs - #NatAndLo Ep 8 - YouTube 2015-10-05 10-35-32

Update: Just as this article was being published, Google released the Android Marshmallow factory images.

Nat & Lo make videos about Google for their 20% project at Google, and today they’ve released episode 8. And with Google likely planning to push Android Marshmallow today (or very soon if not today),  it would make sense for the pair to release a video covering the brief history of Easter eggs in Android…

While we probably already know what this year’s Easter egg is — and it’s very disappointing to say the least — it’s possible that Google could change things up at the last minute. Code deep in Android Marshmallow Developer Preview 3 suggests that it’s just going to be another version of Android Flappy Bird.

If that’s what it is, well, I guess we can’t really complain. It is just a little Easter egg, and — as outlined in this video — those from the past have often been much more underwhelming.

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