Easter Egg Stories September 27

Google Search easter egg for ‘DART’ parodies NASA’s asteroid collision test

The latest easter egg in Google Search has a bit of fun with NASA’s recent “DART” experiment by having a spacecraft collide with your search results.

Easter Egg Stories July 8

To celebrate BTS and their massive fanbase, the BTS ARMY, Google, and YouTube have launched a variety of collaborations, including a new easter egg and a Street View tour.

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Easter Egg Stories June 15

Google easter egg celebrates the 2022 Westminster Dog Show

The latest easter egg in Google Search celebrates the 2022 Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show, set to begin this weekend.

Easter Egg Stories January 21

Google Search easter egg joins the fun of playing Wordle

Google Search has decided to pay tribute to the popular daily word puzzle Wordle with a new easter egg logo.

Easter Egg Stories January 16

In honor of Betty White, the beloved star of The Golden Girls, who passed away just before her 100th birthday, Google Search has launched a new Easter egg.

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Easter Egg Stories November 3, 2021

Google Search celebrates Diwali with an easter egg [Updated]

In preparation for Diwali, the Indian festival of lights, Google Search has crafted a lamp-lighting easter egg.

Easter Egg Stories August 11, 2021

Every year, Google includes an easter egg in the latest Android release, and Android 12 is no different. With the release of Android 12 Beta 4, this year’s easter egg is live, serving to showcase Material You and its dynamic colors.

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Easter Egg Stories July 7, 2021

Google Search gains ‘Legally Blonde’ Easter egg, turning the page pink

The latest Easter egg in Google Search celebrates the 2001 classic Legally Blonde ahead of the movie’s 20th anniversary.

Easter Egg Stories May 4, 2021

Star Wars Day is upon us, and to celebrate, Google has just released a new Easter egg in Search. If you hit the right page, you’ll be greeted with familiar characters and more.

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Easter Egg Stories March 29, 2021

Google Search easter egg celebrates ship getting freed from Suez Canal

Over the past week, the eyes of the world have been on the Suez Canal, which has been blocked closed by a single ship, the Ever Given. Now that the Ever Given has been freed from the Suez Canal and the global trade route reopened, Google Search has joined celebrations with a new easter egg.

Easter Egg Stories November 19, 2020

Google Translate talks turkey with new Thanksgiving easter egg

Thanksgiving is just a week away in the United States, and to prepare, Google Translate has launched a new easter egg to help you “talk turkey.”

Easter Egg Stories November 18, 2020

Google Search honors Alex Trebek with Jeopardy easter egg

This month saw the passing of Alex Trebek, the longtime host of Jeopardy and a global icon. To honor Trebek’s life and legacy, Google Search has introduced a simple Jeopardy-themed easter egg.

Easter Egg Stories October 23, 2020

Google Search easter egg celebrates Pelé’s 80th birthday

On this day in 1940, football legend Pelé was born in Minas Gerais, Brazil. In honor of Pelé’s 80th birthday, Google has hidden a new easter egg into Google Search.

Easter Egg Stories September 10, 2020

Google Search gains elaborate Fresh Prince of Bel-Air easter egg

While the usual way for Google to celebrate or commemorate a bit of culture is to give it a homepage Google Doodle, sometimes the company will put longer-lasting easter eggs for specific search terms. The latest easter egg in Google Search gives you a 90s throwback to celebrate the 30th anniversary of The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air.

Easter Egg Stories October 29, 2019

Google Photos adds whimsical Halloween Easter Egg

With All Hallows’ Eve kicking off in two days, Google Photos is getting in on the action with a fun Easter Egg. Searching “Halloween” on Android and iOS yields a delightful little trick (or treat).

Easter Egg Stories August 23, 2019

Google Search adds elaborate ‘Wizard of Oz’ Easter Egg for film’s 80th anniversary

To mark the The Wizard of Oz’s 80th anniversary this Sunday, Google has added a delightful Easter Egg to Search. Similar in format to Avengers: Endgame, this is quite an immersive experience on the web.

Easter Egg Stories May 12, 2017

The latest Google Phone update lets a cat or dog show you how to answer phone calls

Google loves putting easter eggs in its various apps and services and through the years, we’ve seen some pretty spectacular ones. Today, a new easter egg has been discovered in the latest version of Google’s Phone application for Android.

Easter Egg Stories January 27, 2016

PSA: You can now type ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ in Google Hangouts with an easy slash command

Sage LaTorra, a Test Engineer at Google, just told the world about an awesome little Easter egg he added to Google Hangouts. He’s one to often use the shrug emoji, so it makes sense that this was a priority for him. As of now, all you have to do to add a “shruggie” ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ to your Hangouts message is add the command “/shruggie” to the beginning…

Easter Egg Stories October 5, 2015

The Android Marshmallow Easter egg is a reprise of last year’s Flappy Bird game

With the release of Android Lollipop, we saw Google add what many agreed was the best Android Easter egg yet. And today, following Nat & Lo’s tease earlier this morning and the release of Android Marshmallow thereafter, we now know what the Easter egg is this time around. And it’s pretty much the same as the one from Lollipop…

If you’re new to Android Easter eggs, here’s how you access them: Go to the Settings app, head to “About phone,” and then tap the Android version 3 or 4 times in a row quickly. With Android M, you’ll se a large M icon, and tapping on that will eventually show you the real Easter egg: a playable Flappy Bird game.

It works pretty much the same as last year’s game. You’ll get a quick countdown, and then you’re left trying to tap to keep the little Android figure away from the harmful Marshmallows. I don’t know about you, but I’ve found this game to be much more difficult than the original Flappy Bird. Watch this video for proof:

Nat & Lo tease Marshmallow’s Easter egg in today’s episode [Video]

Update: Just as this article was being published, Google released the Android Marshmallow factory images.

Nat & Lo make videos about Google for their 20% project at Google, and today they’ve released episode 8. And with Google likely planning to push Android Marshmallow today (or very soon if not today),  it would make sense for the pair to release a video covering the brief history of Easter eggs in Android…

Easter Egg Stories September 14, 2015

Google celebrates the birthday of Super Mario Bros. w/ new Easter egg [Video]

It was the birthday of Super Mario Bros. yesterday, and Google is celebrating with a new Easter egg in search. It’s not as extravagant as some other permanent jokes (like the infamous “Do a barrel roll”), but it’s pretty cute nonetheless.

Head over to Google and search for “Super Mario Bros” and then check out the right hand side of the page. Right below the box art and screenshots, you’ll find a familiar question mark box. Of course, clicking it will get you 200 points.

Check out the video below:

Easter Egg Stories June 26, 2015

Here’s what happens when you open 100 tabs in Chrome for Android

Google employs a lot of engineers. Most software engineers know that when you have a box which can contain a variable amount of content – say, an input field or the title section of a blog post like the one above – that you need to make a decision as to what happens when more content than can initially fit into the box is inputted. Maybe you take the lazy way out and simply limit what the user can do so that their input doesn’t end up exceeding the character limit of the box, for example. Google has done something even lazier in Chrome for Android.

Let me preface this by saying that what I’m about to show you isn’t new, but I just learned about it so I’m sure it’ll be new to some of you too. Also it’s Friday, so why not see some neat stuff. With that out of the way, here’s what it looks like when you have any amount of tabs open in Chrome for Android under 100 tabs (images courtesy of Reddit user /u/Hamsna):


Normal, right? Right. Here’s what it looks like when you have 100 or more tabs open:


Let me help in the event that you haven’t noticed anything different in that second image:


It seems that someone at Google decided that it’d just be more work than it’s worth to come up with a more pragmatic solution, so it used an emoticon instead to say¯\_(ツ)_/¯ And how many people actually use more than 100 tabs, in a mobile browser no less? Only psychopaths, probably.


AndProud Key Visual

The United States Supreme Court ruled today in favor of the union of same-sex couples, effectively giving new civil rights to LGBT couples by declaring that states cannot ban same-sex marriage, and Google is going all-out in its celebration.

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Easter Egg Stories June 18, 2015

Chrome’s Easter egg t-rex game just got harder with the introduction of pterodactyls

Have you come across the Easter egg in Google Chrome that alleviates the frustration of your Internet going down with a fun side-scrolling game? You’re a dinosaur running and your objective is to jump and avoid hitting obstacles like rocks, ditches, and cacti, getting the highest score you can in order show off and brag to your friends (or earn their pity on you). Recently, that game has become a bit more difficult with the introduction of a new obstacle — a dinosaur that can fly.

Chrome evangelist François Beaufort posted to his Google+ account yesterday to show off what the new dinosaur, a pterodactyl, looks like in action in the game, saying it was added in a recent update to Chromium. You won’t face off against the dinosaur until your score nears 500 and, to be honest, I was having trouble reaching that score so I just used the image he shared, pictured above.

If you haven’t seen this Easter egg in Chrome before, next time you try and load a website in Chrome and get the “Unable to connect to the Internet” page, click on the dinosaur and then press either the <Up> or <Left> key on your keyboard and the game will begin. Or you can just disable the Internet connection on your computer and try to refresh a page.

Easter Egg Stories March 31, 2015

Google’s April Fools’ gag encourages you to take reaction selfies while browsing the web

After adding an April Fools’ Easter egg to Maps this morning, Google has since added another gem to its mobile version of Chrome. First noticed by the Google Operating System blog, there’s now a menu in Chrome mobile that lets you “share a reaction” from any webpage you visit.


Google has started the April Fools Day fun a bit early with a new Pac-Man easter egg allowing users to play the classic arcade game on the streets of Google Maps. Here’s how to do it: expand full story

Easter Egg Stories October 17, 2014

Lollipop loaded with hidden Flappy Bird Easter egg (video)

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AvwV4lk_FLI]

If you’re participating in the ongoing developer preview of Android Lollipop, there’s a nice little Easter egg embedded in its latest build. If you go to Settings > About phone and repeatedly tap the Android version, a nice lollipop icon will show up on your screen. Give the image a long-press and you’ll launch a hidden Flappy Bird clone.

Easter Egg Stories July 18, 2014

Google’s iOS app is hiding an entertaining Easter egg

A new easter egg discovered and shared this morning by Search Engine Land allows users of the Google app on iOS (not the website) to play with the letters of the Google logo and flick them around as you like. Once you move the letters from the normal position, you can also tilt your device to see them slightly sway across the screen. Some users won’t be able to play with the logo today as the Google Doodle is honoring Nelson Mandela today, but that will most likely will be refreshed around midnight. In the mean time, check out the full video of the Easter egg below.

Easter Egg Stories September 27, 2013


As Google turns 15, it is celebrating with an animated doodle and an Easter Egg that takes us back to its birth in 1998. Simply google google in 1998 to see the page as it looked then.

The 1998 page is fully-functional, but the time travel doesn’t last long: any search conducted on the page is carried out using today’s index and with the results returned in today’s design …  expand full story

Easter Egg Stories July 25, 2013

Screen Shot 2013-07-24 at 12.28.50 PM

Yesterday, Google finally announced Android 4.3, a minor update to 4.2 that included a handful of neat features, including the ability to have more than one user profile. As time has progressed, however, a few other unannounced features have been discovered.

First, Googler Evan Rapoport posted a detailed description on Google+ about the serious enhancements the Photo Sphere team made to the functionality in Android 4.3. Rapoport says that nearly all of stitching and exposure bugs and annoyances present in Android 4.2 have been fixed in the latest update.

First, alignment and stitching are much better, giving you more level horizons and fewer errors throughout the image. While environments with lots of moving things are always challenging, scenes like the one attached here with a long flat horizon are now much better.

Second, we’ve improved exposure compensation for each individual frame, producing a beautifully exposed photo sphere. You can compare this to the previous versions that produced gray areas and inconsistent coloring in areas of high contrast (near the sun, horizons, buildings against blue sky, etc.).

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Easter Egg Stories December 22, 2011

We told you yesterday about a Google search easter egg for the Christmas, and today we discovered another fun way Google has decided to celebrate the holidays. When visiting YouTube, there is currently a snowflake icon next to the resizing and resolution options on the video player. Click it and your video will snow! Your mouse will even interact with the snowflakes as they fall. It will also snow in the YouTube search results when searching for “let it snow”.

In case you missed the other ways Google is celebrating, try typing “Christmas,” “Hanukkah,” or “let it snow” into Google search. You can even call Santa in Gmail. Yesterday the Android team released this Christmas-themed Ice Cream Sandwich advertisement to wish the Android community Happy Holidays.

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Easter Egg Stories June 5, 2011

While Samsung and Acer are readying their ChromeOS laptops for release this summer, the CR-48 is still being looked over.  One user figured out a Firmware Easter Egg by doing some significant research (and taking a big fat hint laid earlier this week).  The Hex message at the bottom converts to ASCII characters and revealing the following message:

Greetings from the Chrome OS x86 firmware team. This message is brought to you by Randall, Bill, Vadim, Gaurav, and Kelly. Also by the letter G and the number 42. If you’ve enjoyed this gadget, please join us at http://www.chromium.org to help make it even better. We now return you to your regularly scheduled program, already in progress. No animals were harmed in the production of this message. Apply only to affected area. Cape does not enable wearer to fly. Contents may have settled during shipment. Use no hooks.

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