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Google today has acquired the app-hosting service Divshot and will fold it into its cloud services provider Firebase, Divshot cofounder Michael Bleigh accounted in a blog post. Divshot is a platform that allows developers to build mobile and web applications easily. Divshot itself will be shut down on December 14th, although the company has already instituted a migration plan.

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On its website, Divshot has shared a migration guide for users to transition to Firebase hosting ahead of the shutdown coming later this year. Bleigh stated in the blog post that at Firebase, the Divshot team will work to help Google make its own cloud services platform a “fantastic developer experience.”

Moving forward the team will be fully focused on making Firebase Hosting a fantastic developer experience, so Divshot will shut down existing products and services on Monday, December 14, 2015. For existing Divshot customers, we have a detailedĀ migration guideĀ to help you easily transition to Firebase Hosting. The transition should be quick and painless (especially because many of you are already Firebase developers!).

As an independent company, Divshot raised $1.8 million in investor funding. You can read the migration guide for moving everything to Firebase here.

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