Virtual reality is cool, but augmented reality is more practical in day-to-day usage. Microsoft’s HoloLens and Magic Leap are currently the most well-known examples of AR. There are productivity use cases for it, but there are also many fun gaming applications. One developer made an app that turns an Android Wear watch when viewed through a camera into a game.

In Tilt, your task is to guide a ball to pick up objects while staying away from holes. When you look through the camera view in the Tilt app, your Wear device becomes the board that you tilt around to move the ball. In the mean time, your watch is displaying a pattern for the phone to project a virtual reality board on.

It’s a fun tech demo, probably worthy of being an Android Experiment. Graphics are blocky and not the most high-resolution, and it’s not the most practical game to play (holding a phone up at a specific angle can quickly get tiresome and certainly looks odd from afar), but it does serve as a good demo and introduction for what an AR game could be in the future.

The game is ad free and there are no in-app purchases, and the developer will be releasing an expanded version with more levels and features in the future. They are taking feedback and bug fixes in the reviews section of the Play Store.

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