Samsung is up next for CES press day, following a very Android- and Google-heavy Huawei event. This event isn’t expected to be nearly as exciting, however, as Samsung has a wide variety of products spanning many categories to mention. Just like last year, I wouldn’t be surprised if we heard about Samsung services, some connected home products, some televisions, and maybe a new variant of a smartwatch (the Gear S2 this time, likely)…

Unlike Huawei’s event, there’s not much value in doing a live blog for Samsung’s conference. We’ll be on the ground as the event happens, though, and we’ll let you know as soon as we do what Googley things the company mentions. If you’re partial to samsung or would simply like to stay in the loop, you can find an embedded livestream of the company’s event below. It starts at 2 PM PT (but probably a bit after that, in reality).

Unlike Huawei earlier today, Samsung doesn’t typically have special hands-on time right after their CES announcements. This is one of the biggest conferences at CES, and it will probably won’t be until tomorrow that we see what the company announces on the main show floor. The only thing you’ll probably care about, though, are the new color variants rumored to be coming to the Gear S2 line.

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