Update: T-Mobile has made it official and is carrying the device starting January 26th.

In addition to arriving in more European countries, the BlackBerry PRIV will also be available through all four major carriers in the United States. BlackBerry CEO John Chen confirmed the news at CES today, but did not offer a timeline for when they’d be released.

The phone is currently only available through AT&T in the US or by ordering an unlocked international model. Last November, Verizon confirmed the phone was coming to the carrier, but we can now expect the device to arrive sooner rather than later. Another rumor points to T-Mobile getting the PRIV on January 26th.

BlackBerry’s first Android smartphone came out to mostly positive reviews. Particularly, their software ideas were praised and some were able to port its features to other Android devices. But whether enough PRIVs were sold to turn around the company is still unknown. Being available on all the major carriers will definitely help get the device on more people’s radars, though.

How BlackBerry devices do in 2016 will determine whether the company still makes phones going forward. There are rumors that the company is planning a second Android-powered device that skips the slide out factor for a more traditional candybar phone factor.

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