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September 2015 - December 2017

BlackBerry launched the PRIV, its first Android smartphone, in November of 2015 through AT&T.

BlackBerry’s first move into the Android space shipped with some capable hardware in a unique form factor with a slide out keybaord. The PRIV runs Android 5.1 and boasts a 5.4-inch Gorilla Glass 4 display, an 18MP back shooter, a 3410 mAh battery, and 32GB storage expandable to 2TB with microSD.

BlackBerry PRIV Stories December 15, 2017

BlackBerry Priv is officially dead as monthly security updates cease

BlackBerry got a fair bit of attention earlier this year with the reveal of the BlackBerry Keyone, but its first Android device — the Priv — didn’t garner nearly as much praise or attention. Now, two years after its release, the Priv is officially dead.

BlackBerry PRIV Stories September 11, 2017

Whether you like BlackBerry’s Android devices or not, you have to give the company credit where it is due and that’s certainly in the software. BlackBerry’s near-stock take on Android Nougat is solid, and the company has a good track record of keeping the phone up to date on monthly patches.

Now, we’ve gotten confirmation that Oreo is coming to the Keyone, which is great, even if that comes along with the news another BlackBerry device won’t get the same treatment…

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BlackBerry PRIV Stories June 30, 2016


At the beginning of the month, reports described slow BlackBerry PRIV sales and high return rates. Despite this and a potential exit from the hardware business, VentureBeat has details on three new Android-powered devices in the works. These rumors are similar to ones from last year and involve a pair of touchscreen devices and one with a full keyboard.

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BlackBerry PRIV Stories June 8, 2016


Earlier this week news surfaced that AT&T sales of the BlackBerry Priv are worse than expected, and now T-Mobile has stopped selling the Android device on its site. The device is out-of-stock online, but those who are still interested may be able to find them in local carrier stores.

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BlackBerry PRIV Stories June 6, 2016


Blackberry announced its first Android powered smartphone late last year and the phone launched on AT&T shortly thereafter. Other carriers followed, and things looked bright for the Candian firm. There’s no doubt here that the Priv is a solid device, but with a high price tag and features that not everyone actually cares about, it was always going to be a tough sell.

The company estimated that it would push about 850,000 units in Q4 of 2015, but it only sold about 600,000 units in total in that time. It’s tough to say exactly why things fell below expectations, but one anonymous executive from AT&T had a little bit of insight on the topic (via CNET)…

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BlackBerry PRIV Stories May 3, 2016


We’re nearing the end of the first half of 2016, and that means a lot of new Android smartphones have been announced. Starting off the year was the Huawei Mate 8 and Honor 5X at CES in January, of course followed later by Samsung’s Galaxy S7 and S7 edge as well as the LG G5 in February at Mobile World Congress. But which ones are the best buys? Keep reading to find out…

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Deal: Unlocked AT&T BlackBerry PRIV down to $389 (Reg. $649)

Months after its launch, the BlackBerry PRIV has finally seen its first decent price cut. While ShopBlackBerry — the manufacturer’s official online store — cut the price to $649 a few weeks ago, one trusted eBay seller is now offering the device for under $400.

BlackBerry PRIV Stories April 30, 2016

Screen Shot 2016-04-29 at 19.27.10

In this week’s top Google stories: new Android device news surrounding the Galaxy Note 6, the death of the Nexus 9, Huawei’s upcoming P9 flagship, and more. And we went hands-on with LeEco’s new Snapdragon 820-powered Le Max2 w/ 6GB of RAM, the BlackBerry PRIV running Android Marshmallow, and the Oppo F1 Plus in this week’s top videos.

In addition, HP and Google launched the impressive new Chromebook 13, and a handful of notable Google and Android app updates arrived as well as news of a completely overhauled design for Instagram in testing.

Head below for all of the quick links to this weeks top stories, videos and more. 

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BlackBerry PRIV Stories April 27, 2016


Yesterday, BlackBerry finally started pushing out the Android Marshmallow for the PRIV. And while it contains everything we already know about Marshmallow, BlackBerry added a few new useful and cool features of its own.

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BlackBerry PRIV Stories April 26, 2016


After a few weeks testing the software with a select group of beta participants, BlackBerry is finally rolling out the Android Marshmallow update for the PRIV from today. It comes with all the usual Marshmallow features, as well as some performance improvements and a handful of additional features for BlackBerry’s custom UI, keyboard and apps.

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BlackBerry PRIV Stories April 13, 2016


Just over a week ago we brought you news that BlackBerry was starting up a beta program for PRIV owners who wanted early access to the Android Marshmallow update. The idea is simple: Get a wide base of users testing and sending diagnostics, in return, they get the latest software and BlackBerry gets to identify and iron out any bugs before the public rollout. Right on schedule, the first batch of beta testers will get access to the OS from today, before a wider beta rollout begins.

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BlackBerry PRIV Stories April 8, 2016


After lackluster PRIV sales last quarter and a subsequent price cut, BlackBerry will be launching two mid-range devices later this year. Speaking to The National, CEO John Chen said their first device running Android “was too high-end a product” even for the enterprise market.

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BlackBerry PRIV Stories April 6, 2016

BlackBerry PRIV down to $649 at various retailers after permanent price cut

While we’re quite fond of the PRIV and its software customizations on top of Android, BlackBerry sold fewer than expected devices last quarter. To remedy the situation, BlackBerry (via Re/Code) is announcing a permanent $50 price cut to the device.

BlackBerry PRIV Stories April 4, 2016

BlackBerry opens Android Marshmallow beta program for PRIV owners

BlackBerry has opened up a new beta testing program to give BlackBerry PRIV owners early access to the upcoming Android Marshmallow software update. This news follows the announcement from the company’s CEO last week that the 6.0 update would be rolling out in late April, or early May.

BlackBerry PRIV Stories April 1, 2016

Android Marshmallow update for BlackBerry PRIV rolling out in late April/early May

During its fourth quarter earnings call this morning, John Chen, BlackBerry’s CEO, confirmed when we can expect Android Marshmallow to land on its first Google-powered smartphone. While many other manufacturers have already rolled out Android 6.0 to their customers, it seems BlackBerry PRIV owners will need to wait at least another month.

BlackBerry PRIV Stories March 1, 2016

BlackBerry PRIV may finally be available from Verizon next week [Update: Available]

Update: You can now order the BlackBerry PRIV from Verizon Wireless for $30.00 per month with $0 down, or pay the full $720 retail price.

According to several Verizon staff members commenting in CrackBerry‘s forums, the carrier is preparing for a retail launch next week. It has seemingly been confirmed that the device will go on sale on March 11, with pre-orders opening on March 3.

BlackBerry PRIV Stories February 11, 2016


While mobile photography keeps on improving thanks to the advancement of tiny camera sensors and image processors, it’s still nowhere near as fully-fledged as DSLR or Micro 4/3rd photography. You can’t swap out interchangeable lenses for different types of imagery, and have to rely on third party manufacturers producing clip-on accessories. That’s where the Aukey 18mm HD wide angle clip-on lens comes in.

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BlackBerry PRIV Stories February 10, 2016


When the original iPhone was announced 9 years ago, the smartphone market landscape was very different. One of the pre-iPhone champions, of course, was BlackBerry. Its physical QWERTY-equipped devices were fast, efficient and productive. Next to the iPhone, they looked old within a few weeks of Apple’s first smartphone launch.

After that came Android, and with it, the slow-demise of the once-giants of the mobile world. The Canadian company had to try and reinvent itself after years of trying to bring its own platform back to life.

As iPhone went from strength to strength, BlackBerry has had to start again with its very first Android handset. But just how does the company’s first Google-powered phone compare with what many regard to be the best phablet around?

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BlackBerry PRIV Stories February 8, 2016


More often than not, when a manufacturer decides to mess with software, adding its own ‘valuable’ take on what we should have on our phones, it ends up being a laggy mess of unused features. Whether its LG with its inefficient launcher, or Samsung with its TouchWiz, no Android OEM gets it right. With BlackBerry’s PRIV, although there are undoubtedly a couple of things I’d change, most of the custom software is very useful and is — dare I say it — better than stock Android…

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BlackBerry PRIV Stories February 5, 2016


I’ve almost lost count of the number of Android phones I’ve used over the past few years. Some are more memorable than others, but the one that really sticks in my mind is the original. The very first Android phone, the HTC-made T-Mobile G1.

There was something very unusual about it. It didn’t look like the Windows Mobile PDA-phone crossovers, it was nothing like a BlackBerry or an iPhone. It was that unique quirky factor that gave it its edge. Having a touchscreen which flicked out to reveal a full QWERTY keypad was something we’d only really seen on the Sidekick series.

Fast forward nearly 8 years later, and virtually every Android phone looks like every other smartphone. Of all the devices released over the past 12 months, I’d hazard a guess that 99.9% of them were the standard rectangle, touchscreen and no-keyboard affairs. Some might have curved dual-screen designs, but they’re still all-screen. Until the PRIV, we haven’t seen anything remotely decent with a physical QWERTY keyboard since the days of the G2…

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BlackBerry PRIV Stories February 1, 2016


BlackBerry chief John Chen recently stated that his company is only going to make Android smartphones this year. And if a report from Economic Times is anything to go by, they company might only make Android phones for the foreseeable future, signaling the end of the 3 year-old BB10 platform…

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BlackBerry PRIV Stories January 19, 2016

BlackBerry Priv officially coming to T-Mobile on January 26th

Update: The BlackBerry Priv is now available at T-Mobile.

Next Tuesday, T-Mobile will start selling the BlackBerry Priv online and in stores. The company’s first Android device is a make or break device that will determine whether they will keep making hardware in the future. Fortunately, the device has received positive reviews and all four major US carriers will be selling it in 2016.

BlackBerry PRIV Stories January 7, 2016


John Chen has to be one of the most likable CEOs in the business. His honest-talking and humble character has won him many fans in the tech industry. What’s more, BlackBerry fans across the globe will credit him for saving the company at a point when it looked doomed. Or, at the very least, stopped it from going extinct. Sadly however, his latest comments might not go down so well with some of the BlackBerry-faithful…

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BlackBerry PRIV Stories January 6, 2016

Verizon, T-Mobile, and Sprint will get the BlackBerry PRIV

Update: T-Mobile has made it official and is carrying the device starting January 26th.

In addition to arriving in more European countries, the BlackBerry PRIV will also be available through all four major carriers in the United States. BlackBerry CEO John Chen confirmed the news at CES today, but did not offer a timeline for when they’d be released.

BlackBerry expands PRIV availability to Netherlands, Italy and Spain

Last year, BlackBerry launched its very first Android smartphone. It was perhaps a sign that the company thought it needed a more widely adopted platform to have a chance of survival, or perhaps just that Android was finally secure enough to consider making hardware for. Either way, the first Google-powered BlackBerry is here at last. But it hasn’t exactly been widely available. Only shoppers in Canada, Germany, the US and the UK could get hold of one. Until today.

As the new year rolls in, BlackBerry has announced that it’s expanding availability to new countries. Now, consumers in Italy, Spain and the Netherlands can all order the BlackBerry PRIV for the first time. ShopBlackBerry sites in those countries have now been updated to include the Android-powered portait-slider.

We’re yet to see how big an impact the PRIV has had on BlackBerry’s fortunes. Over the past few years, the manufacturer has struggle to maintain relevance in a market saturated by low-end and feature-rich smartphones. Granted, those who have always enjoyed the BlackBerry OS still purchased newer devices like the Classic and Passport, but regular consumers saw no reason to continue buying them when iPhones and cheap Android devices could seemingly do more, and had many more apps available.

We’ll get a clearer picture of the PRIV’s performance over the coming quarters. Early indications are that it’s sold enough, and pleased enough customers that BlackBerry is already considering launching another Android phone with a different form factor at some point this year.

BlackBerry PRIV Stories December 31, 2015

BlackBerry PRIV could be making its way to T-Mobile on January 26

The BlackBerry PRIV has officially been on the market now for a couple of months, and is seen by many as the device which will make or break the Canadian smartphone-maker. While the first ever Android-powered BlackBerry has been available from AT&T and Verizon for a little while now, the US’ #3 carrier T-Mobile, is yet to start selling the device through its own official retail chains. That could all be about to change according to a leaked roadmap obtained by PhoneArena.

The calendar details retail launches and events T-Mobile staff need to be aware of and prepare for. The January roadmap clearly indicates that employees should be preparing for a ‘BlackBerry Venice Launch’ on January 26.

Having dealt with leaks from T-Mobile like this a lot in the past, I can say it certainly looks like the genuine article, and there’s little to suggest it’s not legitimate. But with every leak comes the usual note of caution. Plans can — and often do — change. T-Mo has been known to change things up because of leaks, or because they’re simply not ready when they thought they would be.

With T-Mobile’s recent comments on BlackBerry, it’s clear the company has a lot of time for the former smartphone giant and plans to offer its products. Following a very public fallout, the two firms finally made up when the carrier officially started selling the BlackBerry Classic a few months back. Now it seems T-Mo is willing to offer more of the manufacturer’s wares on its store shelves.


BlackBerry PRIV Stories December 1, 2015


BlackBerry announced this morning that it’s pushing the first major software update to its new Android customers. The recently launched BlackBerry PRIV update weighs in at around 475MB and features a number of improvements as well as the regular security update promised by the company. Anyone who purchased their PRIV unlocked through ShopBlackberry will start to see the software update from today, while carrier-purchased PRIVs will receive the software from December 7th…

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BlackBerry PRIV Stories November 16, 2015


The BlackBerry PRIV has drawn both positive and negative opinions since it was officially announced earlier this fall. In fact, one could argue that there’s not a single tech enthusiast anywhere who remains completely indifferent on the first Android-powered phone from Waterloo. You’ll either love it or hate it, and it’s either the device that will save BlackBerry or a desperate last-gasp attempt at survival which confirms that it’s dead. Ask John Legere, T-Mobile‘s outspoken CEO, and he’ll tell you the company is on its way back up…

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BlackBerry PRIV Stories November 11, 2015


Just a short while after the oft-rumored BlackBerry Priv was made official, it appears the company is already readying its second-ever Android phone. CrackBerry today has shared images of what it claims is the BlackBerry Vienna, an Android device with an always-accessible physical keyboard.

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Everyone is curious to get a glimpse of what it’s like using the first Android-powered BlackBerry. Thankfully, by downloading BlackBerry’s launcher and other custom software, you can find out, without spending several hundred dollars on a phone…

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BlackBerry PRIV Stories November 10, 2015

Unlocked BlackBerry Priv now available from Amazon w/ Prime shipping

Update: The device appears to have sold out already as the Amazon listing now shows the it as unavailable.

BlackBerry’s venture into the Android marketplace has gradually been making its way into the United States via carrier stores and websites, but now the device has become available in an unlocked fashion via Amazon. The device is available on Amazon now, with free Prime shipping, for the standard $699 price tag.

Buying the Priv via Amazon offers several incentives, including free two-day shipping and, in some states, a tax-free purchase. The $699 sticker price, however, doesn’t offer any discounts over how much you’d get the device for from other retailers like AT&T, although the model sold on Amazon is unlocked.

Specifications of BlackBerry’s first Android device include Android 5.1, a 5.4-inch Gorilla Glass 4 display plus a slide-out physical keyboard, an 18MP back shooter, a 3410 mAh battery, and 32GB storage expandable to 2TB with the microSD card slot. The Priv also. of course, features a DTEK app from BlackBerry that keeps an eye on the security level of your device.

You can read our review of the BlackBerry Priv here. By no means is the device perfect, but for those who want a physical keyboards its one of the very, very few devices to offer one. Head over to Amazon to purchase the Priv now.


Meet the Blackberry Priv. And in case you’re curious, that stands for “Privilege of Privacy” thanks to its super strength data encryption. What makes this phone unique though comes from a couple of places. First off, it’s a BlackBerry phone running Android 5.1.1 Lollipop and second, that physical keyboard. But before you instantly dismiss this new smartphone, let’s take a look under the hood…

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BlackBerry PRIV Stories November 7, 2015

BlackBerry PRIV heading to Verizon

Verizon has confirmed through its official Twitter handle that the BlackBerry PRIV is heading to its store shelves soon. The Portrait-slider doesn’t have a specific release date or price on VZW yet, but you can sign up to register for updates on Verizon’s store page.

[tweet align=’center’]

Verizon is the second big carrier to officially offer the PRIV for sale. It’s biggest competitor, AT&T started selling the device yesterday, getting a jump start on ‘Big Red’. It’s too early to tell how well the launch is going for the once smartphone king from Waterloo, but early reaction from tech fans has been positive.

The PRIV features a large 5.4-inch dual-curved Quad HD AMOLED display, and a hexa-core Snapdragon 808 processor paired with 3GB RAM. It has 32GB of storage as standard (expandable up to 2TB), 18MP OIS-equipped camera, 4k video recording and a 2MP front facing camera. It also features the trademark physical keyboard and costs a princely $699 from BlackBerry’s online store. It’s hard to imagine that Verizon will offer it any cheaper.

BlackBerry PRIV Stories November 6, 2015

BlackBerry PRIV to get Marshmallow update in the new year

BlackBerry‘s long-awaited entry in to the Android market is finally here, albeit with an already-outdated version of Google’s operating system. BlackBerry PRIV goes on sale today and runs Android 5.1.1 Lollipop out of the box. Having already committed to Google’s monthly security fixes, BlackBerry has also confirmed that Marshmallow will be pushed to the new devices in 2016.

Speaking to Android Central, BlackBerry’s Global Director of Device Portfolio Planning, Gareth Hurn said that plans were to push Android 6.0 Marshmallow to the PRIV “sometime in the new year“. While those quoted words don’t give us a specific time-frame to aim for, AC’s Richard Devine was left with the impression that it would be sooner rather than later. More importantly, he was left with the clear thought that BlackBerry is serious about this foray in to the world of Android phones.

With the phone finally available for sale, it’ll be really interesting to see how the general consumer market accepts it. Will previous BlackBerry-loyalists jump onboard again now that the hardware is matched by relevant software? Or will it be the same physical QWERTY-addicted current users who use it as an excuse to jump to Android?

In the US, you can order the BlackBerry PRIV from or from AT&T. In the UK, you can order on contract from Carphone Warehouse, or order direct from BlackBerry.

BlackBerry PRIV Stories November 5, 2015


It seems an age has passed since the day John Chen, BlackBerry’s chief, said they’d only make an Android phone if they could make it secure. The BlackBerry PRIV is official, and is already available to pre-order. The physical QWERTY-equipped slider is the first BlackBerry to run Android and has several key features built in to ensuring that it stays secure. Security is built in to its hardware and its software. It’s no surprise then to read that the company is committed to keeping up with Google’s monthly security updates…

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BlackBerry PRIV Stories November 2, 2015

Introducing PRIV - YouTube 2015-10-16 12-54-19

Blackberry’s first Android-powered smartphone, the PRIV, is coming to the United States this Friday on November 6 through AT&T. The carrier revealed that it will be the first in the US to carry the privacy and productivity focused BlackBerry. AT&T will offer the BlackBerry PRIV both online and in stores at the end of the week from $249.99 on a traditional two-year contract or from $24.67/month on a financing plan. expand full story

BlackBerry PRIV Stories October 29, 2015

BlackBerry details the features of its upcoming PRIV slider phone [Video]

BlackBerry’s PRIV handset is getting a lot of attention, and there’s many reasons for that. The most obvious is that it’s a slider phone — something that we haven’t seen on Android for quite a while. BlackBerry was known for their sliders and holding onto the physical keyboard when the rest of the industry moved on, and now they’re bringing that back in a secure package that seems to be more than decent. Many won’t bat an eye, but there are others who might notice some of its unique features.

To highlight those features and hopefully catch those potential customers, BlackBerry has uploaded a video demonstrating what the PRIV has to offer: it’s physical keyboard, BlackBerry Hub, Pop-up widgets, its curved 5.4-inch screen, and more:

The PRIV is also bringing a lot to the table for those more interested in getting great specifications. The phone has a 5.4-inch, 2560 x 1440 resolution AMOLED display at 540ppi, a Snapdragon 808 hexa-core processor, 3 GB RAM, and 32 GB of expandable storage. You’ll find an 18-megapixel rear camera, a 2-megapixel front camera, dual-LED flash, and a 3,410 mAh battery. Sadly, though, it looks like the phone is going to launch with Android 5.1.1 Lollipop.

You can pre-order the BlackBerry PRIV from the company’s website.

BlackBerry PRIV Stories October 27, 2015


The BlackBerry PRIV is officially on its way after months of leaks, but despite announcing that it is coming, BlackBerry hasn’t been forthcoming about the device’s full features or spec list. Still, thanks to some recent leaks and launch of its pre-order page, we have a good idea of what to expect. The latest leak — posted to CrackBerry’s forums — shows off the purpose of the PRIV’s curved screen edges…

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BlackBerry PRIV Stories October 26, 2015

BlackBerry releases the Priv’s pre-loaded Android apps to the Play Store

Ahead of the device’s release, BlackBerry today has released the Priv’s stock Android apps to the Google Play Store. The apps mostly all feature tweaks on BlackBerry’s end to give the Priv the feeling of a true BlackBerry device, but just running Android.

BlackBerry today has pushed the BlackBerry Camera, BlackBerry Launcher, BlackBerry Keyboard, and BlackBerry Services apps to the Play Store, as well as MicrosoftexFAT and DTEK. The keyboard app, for instance, includes the classic floating word suggestions that BlackBerry introduced with BB10. As you’d expect, most of these apps aren’t compatible with non-BlackBerry Priv devices, so they’re not incredibly useful at this point in time.

BlackBerry pushing its apps to the Play Store means that it will be able to quickly provide updates to its individual apps rather than having to push an entire over-the-air software update to the device to update one app. Other Android manufacturers like HTC and Motorola have also taken a similar approach.

You can view all of BlackBerry’s apps that are available on the Play Store via this link.

BlackBerry PRIV Stories October 21, 2015


UPDATE: BlackBerry has pulled the US pre-order page from its online store, suggesting someone pushed the ‘go’ button a little too soon.

After launching a pre-registration page for its Android slider and subsequently starting UK pre-orders, BlackBerry today has started accepting pre-orders for the Priv in the United States. First noted by Droid-Life, the pre-orders will begin shipping on November 16th, 10 days later than pre-orders in the UK will ship.

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BlackBerry PRIV Stories October 20, 2015

This is how BlackBerry managed to secure Android with the PRIV

BlackBerry has long been (and likely will be for a while) one of the most secure communication platforms on earth. There’s a reason top government bodies, financial institutes and corporations still hand BlackBerry phones out to employees. Virtually everything about the phones is secure; from hardware and device management, to software and communications. With BES12 (BlackBerry Enterprise Services), the company also worked hard to bring similar protection to Android. This development was the groundwork which lead the company to launch its very first Android smartphone, the PRIV…

BlackBerry PRIV Stories October 16, 2015

Introducing PRIV - YouTube 2015-10-16 12-54-19

BlackBerry already made the PRIV official last month, and then followed up with some of the first official images of the device posted to its blog. Not much of what the company has said up to this point though has been new, though. Even the official images it published a couple weeks ago were pretty much the same as the ones we saw four months ago.

And this new video follows in the same vein as that theme. We’ve already seen an in-depth hands-on video with the phone, we’ve seen its specs leaked what feels like a dozen times, pre-registration for the phone opened up a couple of days ago, and just earlier today pre-orders for the phone went live in the UK. I guess it’s just a pretty marketing clip… expand full story

BlackBerry PRIV pre-orders go live in the UK, delivery by November 6

BlackBerry recently launched a site to give interested customers the chance to register for updates on the BlackBerry PRIV’s arrival. The QWERTY-equipped Android slider has been drawing a lot of attention for itself over recent weeks and months. Today, one retailer in the UK has exclusively opened pre-orders for the device.

Sadly, there’s no option to buy the phone SIM-free and unlocked, but Carphone Warehouse will sell it to customers on a new contract or on upgrade. Pricing starts at £49 per month for those wanting to pay nothing up front for the phone. For that plan on Vodafone, subscribers will get unlimited calls and texts plus 2GB of 4G LTE data. As far as I can see, the cheapest overall way to get the phone is on O2. By paying £79.99 up-front for the PRIV, you can get unlimited minutes and texts, plus 1GB of 4G data for £32.50 per month. You can view all the available tariff options here.

Carphone Warehouse lists the smartphone’s specifications as follows:

  • 5.4-inch, 2560 x 1440 resolution AMOLED display (540ppi)
  • 1.8GHz Snapdragon 808 hexa-core processor
  • 3GB RAM
  • 32GB storage (expandable to 2TB)
  • 18MP rear camera – 2MP front camera
  • Dual LED flash
  • 3,410mAh battery
  • Dimensions: 147 (184 opened) x 77.2 x 9.4 mm
  • Nano SIM
  • Android 5.1.1 Lollipop

Interestingly, despite being available to order from a third-party retailer, BlackBerry hasn’t yet opened up pre-orders from its own online store. As far as we know, the phone isn’t available to pre-order in any other region. However, if that changes, we’ll update the post with more regional information. It’s not strange for the UK to be among the first countries to get a BlackBerry phone. In years gone by, BlackBerry has opted to launch first in the UK, sometimes even before its home country of Canada.

BlackBerry PRIV Stories October 14, 2015

Screen Shot 2015-10-14 at 8.35.00 PM

BlackBerry this evening has launched a pre-registration page for its oft-rumored Android slider the Priv. The registration page is merely an effort on the company’s part to gauge interest in the device before officially revealing it, but the webpage does offer up some confirmation when it comes to the specs we can expect the device to feature.

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BlackBerry PRIV Stories October 12, 2015


Few handsets have had the pre-release attention attained by the BlackBerry PRIV. With official (and somewhat less official) leaks dating all the way back to February, it’s safe to say we’ve been expecting this phone for a long time. It was initially teased by BlackBerry as a QWERTY-equipped slider which many assumed would be just another BlackBerry OS-powered smartphone. But that isn’t the case. The manufacturer confirmed recently that the PRIV would be a secure Android phone, and that it’ll be released soon…

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BlackBerry PRIV Stories October 7, 2015

BlackBerry Priv leak indicates 4K video recording, 64-bit processor and ‘BlackBerry Safeguard’ software

One of the most hotly-anticipated handsets of this year was finally made official recently, although little was said about its internal specs. All we know (officially) is that the BlackBerry PRIV will be an Android smartphone, and it will be a portrait slider with a physical QWERTY keyboard with “flagship specs”. Apart from a couple of official press renders, and a bungled hands-on demo by the chief, BlackBerry hasn’t been keen too share all the details with us yet.

A new leak from N4BB suggests strongly that early rumors of a focus on camera performance are accurate. The 18MP camera on the back purportedly features Schneider-Kreuznach optics and can record in 4K resolution at 30fps. It can also film 1080p at 720p at both 30fps and 60fps.

Although we don’t know exactly what processor is inside the PRIV, the leak suggests that it will be a 64-bit processor. There have been rumors previously stating that it will be the Snapdragon 808 hexa-core chip, the same processor found in the LG G4, Moto X Pure and LG Nexus 5X. BlackBerry then seemingly among the many manufacturers keen to avoid the overheating Snapdragon 810.

Previous leaks showed that the software would be a customized version of Android, keeping many stock elements but adding some of BlackBerry’s own popular tools and features like the notification Hub. Another piece of software being installed is a program called BlackBerry Safeguard which shows you how secure your BlackBerry PRIV is. In it, users can manage what information apps have access to and how they’re using it, and gives you warnings if there are settings you can change to make your device more secure.

We’ve heard before that PRIV = Privacy and Privilege. Security is a big focus for BlackBerry and its enterprise services are among some of the most-trusted on the planet. In the past, BlackBerry’s chief did state that they’d only release an Android phone if they could make it secure. It seems then that it has, and that BlackBerry Safeguard is just one of the ways which the company will secure the Google-powered device.

BlackBerry PRIV Stories September 29, 2015


As device launches go, the BlackBerry PRIV’s announcement has been anything but ordinary. The first teaser was at BlackBerry’s press event at MWC in February, at which point it was assumed this would just another BlackBerry 10 OS device, albeit one with a slide-out keyboard. We then learned through multiple leaks and rumors that it would be, in fact, an Android phone.

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BlackBerry PRIV Stories September 28, 2015


BlackBerry’s upcoming PRIV handset isn’t this year’s best kept secret. From briefly showing off the phone’s hardware at MWC back in June, to announcing its name and availability in a recent earnings press release, the Canadian tech company seemingly isn’t too concerned with the device’s secrecy. Before the announcement was made last week, we’d already seen several unofficial leaks, both photographic and video.

Last Friday, John Chen gave an BNN’s Amber Kanwar an official first look at the Android-powered BlackBerry PRIV…

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