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September 2015 - December 2017

BlackBerry launched the PRIV, its first Android smartphone, in November of 2015 through AT&T.

BlackBerry’s first move into the Android space shipped with some capable hardware in a unique form factor with a slide out keybaord. The PRIV runs Android 5.1 and boasts a 5.4-inch Gorilla Glass 4 display, an 18MP back shooter, a 3410 mAh battery, and 32GB storage expandable to 2TB with microSD.

BlackBerry PRIV Stories December 15, 2017

BlackBerry Priv is officially dead as monthly security updates cease

BlackBerry got a fair bit of attention earlier this year with the reveal of the BlackBerry Keyone, but its first Android device — the Priv — didn’t garner nearly as much praise or attention. Now, two years after its release, the Priv is officially dead.

BlackBerry PRIV Stories September 11, 2017

Whether you like BlackBerry’s Android devices or not, you have to give the company credit where it is due and that’s certainly in the software. BlackBerry’s near-stock take on Android Nougat is solid, and the company has a good track record of keeping the phone up to date on monthly patches.

Now, we’ve gotten confirmation that Oreo is coming to the Keyone, which is great, even if that comes along with the news another BlackBerry device won’t get the same treatment…

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BlackBerry PRIV Stories June 30, 2016


At the beginning of the month, reports described slow BlackBerry PRIV sales and high return rates. Despite this and a potential exit from the hardware business, VentureBeat has details on three new Android-powered devices in the works. These rumors are similar to ones from last year and involve a pair of touchscreen devices and one with a full keyboard.

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BlackBerry PRIV Stories June 8, 2016


Earlier this week news surfaced that AT&T sales of the BlackBerry Priv are worse than expected, and now T-Mobile has stopped selling the Android device on its site. The device is out-of-stock online, but those who are still interested may be able to find them in local carrier stores.

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BlackBerry PRIV Stories June 6, 2016


Blackberry announced its first Android powered smartphone late last year and the phone launched on AT&T shortly thereafter. Other carriers followed, and things looked bright for the Candian firm. There’s no doubt here that the Priv is a solid device, but with a high price tag and features that not everyone actually cares about, it was always going to be a tough sell.

The company estimated that it would push about 850,000 units in Q4 of 2015, but it only sold about 600,000 units in total in that time. It’s tough to say exactly why things fell below expectations, but one anonymous executive from AT&T had a little bit of insight on the topic (via CNET)…

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BlackBerry PRIV Stories May 3, 2016


We’re nearing the end of the first half of 2016, and that means a lot of new Android smartphones have been announced. Starting off the year was the Huawei Mate 8 and Honor 5X at CES in January, of course followed later by Samsung’s Galaxy S7 and S7 edge as well as the LG G5 in February at Mobile World Congress. But which ones are the best buys? Keep reading to find out…

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