BlackBerry Stories January 15

If you’re a BlackBerry fan, you probably already know that TCL released the brand’s newest handset — the Motion — overseas back in November. After a long wait, US-based fans will no longer have to be jealous of those who picked up the fully-touchscreen BlackBerry. As announced at CES 2018, the BlackBerry Motion is now available in the US from Amazon and Best Buy.

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BlackBerry Stories January 12

Hands on: BlackBerry introduced a bronze Keyone, but don’t expect it in the US

At CES 2018, TCL didn’t unveil a new BlackBerry phone per se, but the company did show off a Bronze Edition Keyone. With this addition, TCL is now going to sell three different variations of the Keyone across the globe…

BlackBerry Stories October 9, 2017

BlackBerry officially quit the smartphone business almost exactly a year ago, but the brand name lives on in new devices thanks to a licensing deal with Chinese company TCL.

The KeyOne retained the signature hardware keyboard, but a new model launched yesterday does away with this in favor of an all-touchscreen design …

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Everyone can use an Echo Dot: Just $50!

BlackBerry Stories September 21, 2017

First alleged photos of the BlackBerry Krypton pop up

TCL’s BlackBerry Keyone from earlier this year might not have been the most impressive or powerful handset of 2017, but it’s certainly one of the more interesting releases that we’ve seen.The Keyone’s nostalgic step back in time is what really caught our attention in our full review, and a handful of new photos have recently popped up that may give us a glance at the next BlackBerry-branded device that’ll hit the market — the Krypton.

BlackBerry Stories August 31, 2017

BlackBerry Keyone: The discrete Black Edition is coming to 30 countries across the globe [Gallery]

At the very beginning of the month, a Limited Edition Black version of the BlackBerry Keyone debuted as an exclusive to India. A few weeks later, AT&T announced that it would be the exclusive carrier of the Space Black Keyone here in the United States. Now, during IFA 2017, TCL has confirmed that the Black Edition Keyone will be expanded to 30 countries across the globe.

BlackBerry Stories August 25, 2017

BlackBerry reported to license out its own Android ROM to other manufacturers

BlackBerry’s first ever Android phone, the Priv, was met with mixed reactions following its release in 2015. The phone got a few things really, really right, but faltered in a few key areas. One of the strong suits for the Priv was its near-stock Android software with a few helpful additions that didn’t bog down the OS. Now, according to a new report, BlackBerry may soon start licensing out its take on Android to other manufacturers.

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