HTC’s fight to remain relevant in an increasingly competitive smartphone market doesn’t appear to be doing too well. The company yesterday posted financial results, showing that its revenue has dropped 55% year-on-year – and its lowest level for almost a decade. The company reported monthly revenue of just NTS4.2B ($128M).

As our own Edoardo Maggio argued last month, HTC’s lack of innovation since the M7 has been notable, with the M9 presenting itself as a flagship handset with features and specs that put it more into mid-market territory.

HTC will be pinning its hopes on two products this year …


First, the HTC 10 (the company dropping the ‘One M’ prefix this time around), expected to be launched on 19 April. The rumored specs at least appear to be put it back into flagship territory which is something.

Second, the new Vive Consumer Edition VR headset, which the company believes will boost its fortunes. It claims to have received a high number of pre-orders, but time will tell whether it’s enough to help the company survive in the face of increasing competition from Chinese players like Xiaomi and Huawei.


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