While I don’t necessarily commend the liberal use of plastic on the supposed ‘all metal’ LG G5, I’ve thoroughly enjoyed its launch and marketing strategy. This year, the Korean tech giant decided to have fun at the product unveiling, and now with one of the wackiest all-action product ads we’ve ever seen.

Jason Statham, well known for hits roles in action movies like The Transporter, Snatch¬†and The Bank Job plays quite literally, every role in LG’s minute-long preview. Amongst all the stunts in this hectic fast-paced TV commercial, you’ll spot the LG G5 and all of its modular ‘friends’, including the Plus Cam attachment, Rolling Bot and the VR headset.

All the action starts on the Metro when two Stathams bump in to each other, trying to look over another two Stathams watching a video on a G5. What follows is a fight scene where the only weapons are brollies, which eventually spills on to the high street where further chaos, explosions, dancing, buffalo stampedes and a bank robbery ensues.

With a cast of seemingly hundreds of individuals, Statham’s face is stitched on to all the bodies. In short, it’s a Jason Statham ego-fest with some LG product placement, and a splash of self-deprecating humor. It’s wacky, and fantastic. Check it out:

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