We often read of programmers finding ways to get their favorite old game titles running on modern devices. Whether it be playing Mario on an Android Wear watch, or building emulators to run other classic games, it’s been done. The most recent attempt involves Counter-Strike 1.6; a graphically demanding multiplayer.

Alibek Omarev, the coder behind this emulator, has released a number of free-to-use APKs so that anyone can play Counter-Strike on their smartphone. It’s worth noting (as pointed out by Kotaku) that this is actual CS 1.6 running on an Android phone. It’s not a recreation and isn’t a stream, but the full game itself running smoothly (albeit a little slowly) on a mobile device.

If you want to try it out for yourself, you need to head over to Github to download the APKs and follow the programmer’s instructions. What’s more, you need to have CS 1.6 in your Steam account, downloaded and installed on your PC/Mac. Part of the installation process involves copying the Steam installation on to the ‘SDCard’ folder on your Android phone.

If, like me, you just want to sit back and admire the the developer’s work without having to install and try it for yourself, check out the video below.

The cluttered touch screen controls look a little complicated to begin with, but there is the option to change their layout if you have the patience and/or nous. Thankfully, Android gives you the flexibility to connect keyboards and gamepads, so you don’t have to try and navigate using the onscreen controls if you have compatible Bluetooth peripherals.

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