GS7 Active %22gold%22Samsung‘s relationship with design is indeed a complicated one. I sometimes look at my Galaxy S7 edge and just marvel at its elegance and aesthetic beauty, and then there’s this bizarrely “gold” colored Galaxy S7 Active leaked earlier today. The Korean company simply doesn’t cease to amaze me — in one way or the other.

Thanks once again to Evan Blass, in fact, we now have the pleasure to look at the upcoming “gold” colored Galaxy S7 Active pictured above, which features a design that arguably ranges from “distinctive” or “particular” to downright “ugly”…

We are not sure whether it is Blass’ own speculation or the official name Samsung is giving to the product, but it looks like the coloration may be named “desert camo”.

It is certainly in line with the look; somewhat gold at the back and reminiscent of dunes’ sand on the front, with big, presumably tactile, physical buttons — hopefully retaining the excellent fingerprint reader under the home key — patterned like the device’s rear.

Its rugged style certainly is a far cry from its sibling’s graceful curves, but as part of the Active line, we know we should not expect that. The thick rubber bumper will help the device to survive in the hardest of situations, even beyond the “simple” IP68 water and dust resistance of the S7s.

In addition to all the usual ports, like the S6 Active, it also appears that the S7 Active will retain the ‘Active key’ above the volume rocker. This will more than likely be used to launch the Active Zone app with a short press, and be customizable so that a long press will launch an app of choice.

The AT&T-branded device will likely keep some of the S7’s specs, too, like the 4GB of RAM and Qualcomm‘s Snapdragon 820 processor, but we wouldn’t expect other things like camera and display to differ too much from the 12MP and QHD AMOLED units found on the regular models.

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