Samsung Galaxy S7 Active Stories July 5, 2016

The best Android phones you can buy [July 2016]

It’s already July, and with an ever-increasing number of notable Android OEMs reaching maturity, we’ve seen more new handsets than usual launch this summer. We had the Huawei Mate 8 and Honor 5X at CES in January, followed later by Samsung’s Galaxy S7 and S7 edge and others around the time of Mobile World Congress, and last month saw the new OnePlus 3 and Moto Z. But which ones are the best buys?…

Samsung Galaxy S7 Active Stories June 6, 2016


S7 Active Hero

Over the last fews days, I’ve had the chance to use the Samsung Galaxy S7 active as my daily driver. Like the previous entry into the “active” line, it’s the rugged version of Samsung’s current flagship, the Galaxy S7, and is an AT&T exclusive.

With this in mind, sleek design and visual appeal take a back seat to durability, battery life and tactile response. If you’re a Samsung fan who’s constantly subjected to harsh, rugged environments and terrain, then the Galaxy S7 active is the version of company’s flagship efforts that you’d be wise to consider.

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Samsung Galaxy S7 Active Stories May 23, 2016

Latest Active leak reveals device with similar specs to regular Galaxy S7 + 4,000 mAh battery

The Samsung Galaxy S7 Active has been well revealed in numerous leaks and photos. Thanks to the latest one (via Venture Beat) we now know the specs of the Active variant. The AT&T exclusive device does not stray too much from the current S7 and maintains the same ruggedness as its predecessor.

Samsung Galaxy S7 Active Stories May 17, 2016


GS7 Active %22gold%22Samsung‘s relationship with design is indeed a complicated one. I sometimes look at my Galaxy S7 edge and just marvel at its elegance and aesthetic beauty, and then there’s this bizarrely “gold” colored Galaxy S7 Active leaked earlier today. The Korean company simply doesn’t cease to amaze me — in one way or the other.

Thanks once again to Evan Blass, in fact, we now have the pleasure to look at the upcoming “gold” colored Galaxy S7 Active pictured above, which features a design that arguably ranges from “distinctive” or “particular” to downright “ugly”…

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Samsung Galaxy S7 Active Stories May 6, 2016



Rumors of the upcoming durable version of Samsung’s latest flagships have gone quiet more recently. Until today, that is. Real-life images have been published this morning showing the unreleased Galaxy S7 Active in all of its ‘glory’. To break it down to its most basic description, it looks like a regular Galaxy S7 with a bulky 8-bit camo-patterned case attached.

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Samsung Galaxy S7 Active Stories March 28, 2016


s6 active

Despite having built the Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge with impressive water and dust resistant qualities, it seems Samsung and/or AT&T has seen fit to launch an ‘Active’ version. Evidence supporting the device has crept up in a number of locations online over the past few days.

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