The last major update to Google Keep in April added a Chrome extension to easily save and add notes to links. An update today adds link previews, duplication prevention, and autocomplete when adding list items. The Keep site is also getting a significant refresh that matches Google’s other web apps.

Lists in Google Keep are receiving two new features. The first will autocomplete food related entries and is aimed at those who keep shopping lists in the app. Hopefully, Google will add autocomplete to other categories in the future. Duplicate prevention applies to all lists and alerts users when they are adding an item that has already been marked off as completed.

When users add a link to a note, a small preview will appear underneath that consists of page title, domain, and picture. The preview also shows up on the main notes list with a quick button to immediately open the URL.

The Google Keep web app is getting a significant design refresh as well. The yellow app toolbar is now in line with the Material Design guidelines and similar to the one found on the Google+ website. It houses a search bar, refresh, and a button to switch between list and grid view, as well as the web app launcher, notification tray, and profile image. A hamburger menu slides out the list of labels, archive, trash, and settings.

The new list features and link previews are now live on Android, iOS, and web, while the new Google Keep site is still rolling out.

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