Ahead of IFA later this month, Lenovo has just released a new teaser video for its upcoming product announcements. This new teaser looks back at some of the previous tech Lenovo has released at IFA such as its Yoga Windows laptops, tablets, and even give us another look at those crazy flexible phones and tablets from Tech World earlier this year.

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What we really care about from this video though is the new “Moto” products. In the video Lenovo specifically calls out that new MotoMods are definitely¬†coming, although they don’t reveal what those will be. So far all we’ve seen on the market includes various battery options, JBL’s insane speaker, and also the Insta-Share projector, all of which were released along with the phone.

Looking back to Lenovo Tech World we know the company had several developer concepts in the works, although nothing had been fully fleshed out at the time. Those included a “HyperCharge” mod which would include a massive battery and faster charging. Along with that we also saw the “OneCompute” mod which turned the phone into a mini-computer with docking capabilities, and also the “SmartCast” mod which included a projector and laser keyboard. It’s unclear if any of these mods will see the light of day at IFA, but if not we’d expect to see something like the long-rumored camera module.

The video further talks about new launches Lenovo will have at IFA including “a new chapter in tablets” and “a whole new kind of intuitive keyboard”. The video also hints a little bit at the possibility¬†of a new Moto 360, but I wouldn’t place any bets on that just yet. I’d also speculate that we’ll hear more regarding the unlocked Moto Z release, but there’s nothing to back that up just yet.

Lenovo’s IFA press event takes place on August 31st, so we don’t have too long to wait to see what’s coming.

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