Shortly after Samsung and the Consumer Product Safety Commission announced an official recall on all Galaxy Note 7 handsets, the four major US carriers immediately stopped selling the phone.

Now, with over a million customers having exchanged their faulty units, Verizon and Sprint have both once again begun selling the phone while T-Mobile has announced that it plans to as well…

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Until recently, potential new Note 7 buyers weren’t able to get their hands on the phone because all available stock was set aside for those trading in their recalled units. While Verizon and Sprint started accepting new orders over a week ago, T-Mobile put out a statement today announcing that they will begin selling the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 again starting on October 5th:

Beginning this Wednesday, October 5, T-Mobile will resume sales of the Samsung Galaxy Note7 online and at participating stores nationwide.

AT&T will be the last of the four major US carriers to provide details as to when they will make the Note 7 available again. As of right now, the carrier is only doing in-store exchanges. Hopefully we hear more from AT&T soon.

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