The LG V20 is only ten days away from going on sale from most carriers, and today T-Mobile has announced pre-orders which open up today.

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T-Mobile will offer the LG V20 for $30 per month over 24 months with $49.99 down at the time of purchase. That comes out to a full price of $769 with the carrier’s interest-free installment plan.

As for JUMP! on Demand customers, the V20 will be available for $0 down and $34 a month over 18 months. Worth noting is that this price is significantly lower than what we saw on AT&T, where the V20 costs $830 at retail.

Along with this, T-Mobile will also be offering a couple of deals with the V20. The first is a $200 credit, at minimum, when you trade in any working 4G LTE smartphone. Customers who bring a device in for trade will be credited for the value of their device, and if the value is lower T-Mobile will make up the difference and bring that up to $200.

T-Mobile and LG are also offering a free pair of H3 B&O headphones with the purchase of a V20 ─ a $150 value. These headphones should go well with the V20, especially with that built-in 32-bit DAC. To take advantage of that, customers will need to redeem the offer on LG’s website.

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