LG V20 Stories February 17, 2017

We showed you some more hands-on images of the LG G6 earlier today, and they got me thinking a bit more about LG’s coming MWC launch event, where the company will show us the successor to its unfortunate failure of an attempt to make modular smartphones mainstream.

In short, I can’t help but wonder why the LG G6 exists. It’s basically just a rehashed LG V20, and that makes the G6 even more boring than it would have already been if the LG V20 never existed.

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LG V20 Stories December 19, 2016

The Galaxy Note 7 was discontinued over two months ago, but we still talk about it a lot for good reason, there are still quite a lot of them out there. Just last month Samsung confirmed that 90% of Note 7s had been taken off the market, but that last 10% is still a lot of phones. In fact, it’s so many that it still outnumbers the total sales of some other smartphones which are still available.

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LG V20 Stories November 14, 2016

LG has sold more than 200,000 LG V20 units in the US since launch

LG’s new V20 smartphone is one of the best options available on the market today and is one of the few that can really compete with the dominance that Samsung and Apple have on today’s market. So far, it seems that LG is off to a good start with sales of the V20, selling over 200,000 units since launch.

LG V20 Stories October 29, 2016

In this week’s top stories: Pixel pre-order delays, we go hands-on with the LG V20 in our full review, Xiaomi unveils its new Mi Mix phone, Google Allo and Assistant get updates, and much more.  expand full story

LG V20 Stories October 28, 2016

2016 has been a tough year for the Android market. In previous years we couldn’t count on one hand the number of awesome devices, but this year there have only been a few to choose from. The Galaxy S7, specifically the Edge has stood out as a clear winner, despite the praise given to competing devices like the HTC 10. On the other hand, no one really cared about LG this year. The G5 was a flop by every definition.

Now in late 2016, there still isn’t much to pick from. The Galaxy Note 7 was close to perfection, and then it literally exploded in Samsung’s face. Google’s Pixel aims to fill the void, and redefine what an Android smartphone can and should be. However, if you’re not looking to get a Pixel, the LG V20 is 100% what you should be looking at, especially if you’re aiming for a big phone. Let’s take a closer look.

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LG V20 Stories October 23, 2016

We’ve been using the LG V20 for the past couple of days while working on our review — coming this week. Unfortunately, it seems like some early V20 buyers are having some minor issues. One issue stands out, the camera glass seems to be a bit fragile…

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