Google Pixel Night Light

One of the trends in today’s technology is the ability to remove the blue tints from the screens that we are staring at all day long. The reason for this is partially because studies have shown that we have a hard time falling asleep after our eyes have been subject to the blue light. With Android 7.1 shipping on the Pixel, Google has included a feature called Night Light which will tint the screen red and cut out some of the harmful blues…

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How to set up Night light:

  1. Go to your Pixel’s Settings
  2. Tap on Display
  3. Select Night light
  4. Under Schedule, tap on Turn on automatically and you will be given the option to setup a schedule. You can select Never, Custom schedule, or Sunset to sunrise
  5. Below is a Status toggle which allows you to manually turn Night Light on or off

How to quickly turn on and off Night light:

  1. Swipe down to expose the Quick settings
  2. Tap on the Night Light icon to quickly turn on and off the setting

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