Announced yesterday, some of the biggest names in the virtual reality world have come together to form an association that will hopefully make VR something that everyone can enjoy and partake in. This non-profit hopes to not only conduct research and identify the best practices for VR, but to also start a conversation between everyone currently involved in the field…

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This new organization is called the Global Virtual Reality Association or GVRA for short. Acer Starbreeze, Google, HTC VIVE, Facebook’s Oculus, Samsung, and Sony Interactive Entertainment are all coming together to form this association to help innovate and grow the VR industry worldwide.

The goal of the Global Virtual Reality Association is to promote responsible development and adoption of VR globally. The association’s members will develop and share best practices, conduct research, and bring the international VR community together as the technology progresses. The group will also serve as a resource for consumers, policymakers, and industry interested in VR.

GVRA believes that VR is capable of adding to the world’s economy as well as making a positive impact on education and healthcare. Together, the companies within the association plan to “unlock and maximize VR’s potential and ensure those gains are shared as broadly around the world as possible.”

You can visit GVRA’s website for more information about the association.

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