Update: All is well now. Here’s the current status on the G Suite App Status Page:

The problem with Google Drive should be resolved. We apologize for the inconvenience and thank you for your patience and continued support. Please rest assured that system reliability is a top priority at Google, and we are making continuous improvements to make our systems better.

If you’re currently aggravated at files or pages not loading in Google Drive, it’s not just you: Google Drive is experiencing some downtime this morning.

Google says that it is currently “investigating reports of an issue with Google Drive,” and that a variety of related services — including G Suite Classroom and Google Keep — might also not be functioning correctly until this problem is resolved.

As per the G Suite App Status page:

We’re investigating reports of an issue with Google Drive. We will provide more information shortly.

Users may be receiving errors when accessing Drive. Classroom users may also be receiving errors when submitting or viewing assignments. Google Keep users may be affected as well.

Clearly this can be a bit of an annoyance, but at least Google is aware of the problem. We’ll keep you posted and update this article when Drive is back up.

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