As it does periodically, Waze today expanded its voice selection with yet another celebrity. After adding support for The Grand Tour’s Clarkson, Hammond, and May last November, the app today added support for Mr. T…

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Announced in a post on the official Waze blog, users can now have their directions voiced by Mr. T. The process of switching to Mr. T’s voice is simple: go into the Waze settings, choose “Voice language,” and select “English (US) – Mr T.” Once the new voice files download, you’ll will be able to use them for your navigation voice.

Thanks to FUZE, the newest voice of Waze is gold chain rocking, mohawk icon, Mr. T. And, Wazers: being directed by Mr. T isn’t just entertaining, it’s what your drive needs. In fact, we pity the fool that doesn’t update their Waze Voice.

Waze periodically adds celebrity voices. In the past, the company has added support for the likes of Morgan Freeman and Shaquille O’ Neal. The app also added support for The Grand Tour’s Clarkson, Hammond, and May last November.

Try out the latest Waze celebrity voice, Mr. T, and let us know what you think of it down in the comments..

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