To help you combine all of your different messages, calendars, and contacts, BlackBerry has built something called the Productivity tab into the Keyone. To make the tab useful, it’s located just a swipe away on the edge of the Keyone’s display. But it doesn’t have to be…

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BlackBerry’s Productivity tab is similar to the Edge Panel found on the newer Samsung Galaxy handsets. Here, you can combine all of the calendars, email and message services, tasks, and phonebook contacts found on your Keyone. Now, instead of having to navigate between all of this information individually, you can quickly access everything by swiping in from the edge of the display.

If you don’t want the Productivity tab at all, though, keep reading.

How to enable/disable the BlackBerry Keyone’s Productivity tab

  1. Navigate to the Keyone’s Settings Menu
  2. Scroll down to Display
  3. Locate the Productivity tab section and toggle the tab on or off


  1. Swipe open the Productivity tab
  2. Tap on the gear icon located at the bottom of the list of sections
  3. Select the Remove button to disable the Productivity tab

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