BlackBerry Keyone Stories July 16, 2018

BlackBerry Keyone gets an Android Oreo invite-only beta release

BlackBerry’s claim to fame with last year’s Keyone was secure software, and while it’s lived up to that promise with quick security updates, the phone fell flat when it came to major updates. Now, Oreo is finally available… in beta

BlackBerry Keyone Stories June 18, 2018

Android Oreo may arrive for BlackBerry Keyone soon as minor update ‘prepares’ the device

BlackBerry’s Keyone has seen a lot of updates since its debut, but weirdly, it’s never seen an update to Android Oreo despite the company confirming it would last year. Now, it seems that’s finally on its way, but another update is arriving first.

BlackBerry Keyone Stories March 2, 2018

BlackBerry Keyone ‘Black Edition’ goes on sale from Amazon and Best Buy w/ upgraded specs

While BlackBerry may not have sold a massive number of Keyone devices last year, it’s not stopping its efforts with this phone. This week, the company is finally expanding the availability of its “Black Edition” variant of the phone…

BlackBerry Keyone Stories February 26, 2018

BlackBerry has been trying hard to make its name commonplace in the smartphone market, and a huge part of that was a deal with TCL that brought us the keyboard-toting BlackBerry Keyone. Personally, I love the Keyone, but I made it clear in my review that it wasn’t for everyone. Thus, the sales have been pretty minimal, but the company says it’s pretty happy with that.

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BlackBerry Keyone Stories January 12, 2018

Hands on: BlackBerry introduced a bronze Keyone, but don’t expect it in the US

At CES 2018, TCL didn’t unveil a new BlackBerry phone per se, but the company did show off a Bronze Edition Keyone. With this addition, TCL is now going to sell three different variations of the Keyone across the globe…

BlackBerry Keyone Stories September 11, 2017

Whether you like BlackBerry’s Android devices or not, you have to give the company credit where it is due and that’s certainly in the software. BlackBerry’s near-stock take on Android Nougat is solid, and the company has a good track record of keeping the phone up to date on monthly patches.

Now, we’ve gotten confirmation that Oreo is coming to the Keyone, which is great, even if that comes along with the news another BlackBerry device won’t get the same treatment…

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