BlackBerry Keyone Stories July 16, 2018

BlackBerry Keyone gets an Android Oreo invite-only beta release

BlackBerry’s claim to fame with last year’s Keyone was secure software, and while it’s lived up to that promise with quick security updates, the phone fell flat when it came to major updates. Now, Oreo is finally available… in beta

BlackBerry Keyone Stories June 18, 2018

Android Oreo may arrive for BlackBerry Keyone soon as minor update ‘prepares’ the device

BlackBerry’s Keyone has seen a lot of updates since its debut, but weirdly, it’s never seen an update to Android Oreo despite the company confirming it would last year. Now, it seems that’s finally on its way, but another update is arriving first.

BlackBerry Keyone Stories March 2, 2018

BlackBerry Keyone ‘Black Edition’ goes on sale from Amazon and Best Buy w/ upgraded specs

While BlackBerry may not have sold a massive number of Keyone devices last year, it’s not stopping its efforts with this phone. This week, the company is finally expanding the availability of its “Black Edition” variant of the phone…

BlackBerry Keyone Stories February 26, 2018

BlackBerry has been trying hard to make its name commonplace in the smartphone market, and a huge part of that was a deal with TCL that brought us the keyboard-toting BlackBerry Keyone. Personally, I love the Keyone, but I made it clear in my review that it wasn’t for everyone. Thus, the sales have been pretty minimal, but the company says it’s pretty happy with that.

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BlackBerry Keyone Stories January 12, 2018

Hands on: BlackBerry introduced a bronze Keyone, but don’t expect it in the US

At CES 2018, TCL didn’t unveil a new BlackBerry phone per se, but the company did show off a Bronze Edition Keyone. With this addition, TCL is now going to sell three different variations of the Keyone across the globe…

BlackBerry Keyone Stories September 11, 2017

Whether you like BlackBerry’s Android devices or not, you have to give the company credit where it is due and that’s certainly in the software. BlackBerry’s near-stock take on Android Nougat is solid, and the company has a good track record of keeping the phone up to date on monthly patches.

Now, we’ve gotten confirmation that Oreo is coming to the Keyone, which is great, even if that comes along with the news another BlackBerry device won’t get the same treatment…

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BlackBerry Keyone Stories August 31, 2017

BlackBerry Keyone: The discrete Black Edition is coming to 30 countries across the globe [Gallery]

At the very beginning of the month, a Limited Edition Black version of the BlackBerry Keyone debuted as an exclusive to India. A few weeks later, AT&T announced that it would be the exclusive carrier of the Space Black Keyone here in the United States. Now, during IFA 2017, TCL has confirmed that the Black Edition Keyone will be expanded to 30 countries across the globe.

BlackBerry Keyone Stories August 24, 2017

BlackBerry Keyone: Officially heading to AT&T on September 1 in Space Black color

The BlackBerry Keyone is certainly one of the more interesting phones we’ve seen so far this year, and although it may not be perfect, it sill offers more to love than hate. The Keyone initially launched as a Sprint exclusive here in the US, but the device will soon be making its way to AT&T in a brand-new color.

BlackBerry Keyone Stories August 17, 2017

BlackBerry Keyone: Sprint is working on a fix for unremovable bloatware

At the beginning of the week, we reported that BlackBerry Keyone users on Sprint were experiencing an issue with not being able to completely delete pre-installed apps from the phone. Our assumption at the time was that this had to do with a bug with the SprintID system app, and thanks to a confirmation from the carrier, that does in fact appear to be the case…

The BlackBerry Keyone is a pretty solid phone, especially as far as the hardware is concerned. It feels like a tank in hand, but it was quickly discovered that there was a major flaw — the phone didn’t have any adhesive behind the display to keep it in place. That led to customers having their screens pop off. Thankfully, it’s now been confirmed that BlackBerry has put a fix in place.

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BlackBerry Keyone Stories August 14, 2017

If you live in the United States and want to purchase a BlackBerry Keyone, your options are limited to either buying the phone outright from BlackBerry or through Sprint. The latter of those two options will allow you to get the phone on a monthly installment plan, but a potential side effect that comes along with this is pre-installed apps that can’t be removed.

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BlackBerry Keyone Stories August 1, 2017

Gold-plated BlackBerry Keyone now available for around $817

Following some leaked images last week, an all-black version of the BlackBerry Keyone was announced for availability in India starting on August 8. The absence of the silver trim in favor of a matte-black getup is extremely stealthy and sleek, but if you’re someone who desires more pizazz with your smartphone purchases, there’s now a gold-plated Keyone that you can pre-order right now.

BlackBerry’s Limited Edition Black Keyone gets better specifications, coming to India

Several days ago images of a BlackBerry Keyone surfaced without the silver accents and instead featuring an all-black design. Today BlackBerry has announced the Limited Edition Black Keyone, built by Optiemus and exclusively available in India…

BlackBerry Keyone Stories July 25, 2017

Leaked Blackberry Keyone model ditches the silver trim for a fully black color option

Following its release in the United States this past May, the Blackberry Keyone has proven to be a nice breath of fresh air in the smartphone market. It may not be the most practical or functional phone for everyone, but for the right group of people, it’s a dream come true. You can currently buy the Keyone is a black/silver color combo, but according to some recently leaked hands-on photos, it would appear that we’ll soon be getting a brand new color to try out.

BlackBerry Keyone Stories July 14, 2017

BlackBerry Keyone arrives on Sprint today for $528

The BlackBerry Keyone was a phone I didn’t expect to win me over, but after using it for several weeks, it quickly became one of my favorite recent releases. Unfortunately, it’s not a phone easily accessible to all as it has only been sold through unlocked channels. Today, the Keyone is making its debut on Sprint, its first carrier home.

BlackBerry Keyone Stories July 10, 2017

BlackBerry says it has already put measures in place to fix the Keyone’s display

I’ll be the first to admit that the BlackBerry Keyone isn’t for everyone, but it’s a phone I quite enjoy using. It’s not without flaws, though. The hardware may be stellar, but it was recently discovered that TCL wasn’t applying proper adhesives behind the display. The other day, BlackBerry confirmed that measures have been put in place to fix that.

BlackBerry Keyone Stories June 12, 2017

Despite some initial issues with performance, BlackBerry’s Keyone is a pretty fantastic smartphone. Last week, though, it was revealed through a durability test that the Keyone has a fairly serious issue — there’s nothing holding down the display. Now, the company is responding to that problem.

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BlackBerry Keyone Stories June 8, 2017

The BlackBerry Keyone might look pretty durable, but don’t be fooled. JerryRigEverything, a YouTuber quickly becoming known as the master of smartphone durability tests on YouTube, has now given the phone the full treatment. Let’s just say it was pure carnage.

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BlackBerry Keyone Stories May 31, 2017

BlackBerry’s big release for 2017 is the Keyone, and it has all the potential of being the best phone the company has ever released. In my review earlier this month, I had a lot to say about the device, some of it good, some of it bad. However, now that we’re on the day of launch, I thought it’d be worthwhile to take another quick look at the phone now that the company has been able to adjust things under the hood.

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BlackBerry Keyone Stories May 30, 2017

Where to buy the BlackBerry Keyone in the US

BlackBerry’s big release for 2017 is the new Keyone, first revealed back at CES 2017. In the time since we’ve reviewed the device and it holds a lot of promise for those in the target market, and starting tomorrrow, interested buyers will finally have a chance to pick it up.

BlackBerry Keyone Stories May 6, 2017

How to take, locate, and share screenshots on the BlackBerry Keyone

One of the core functionalities of any smartphone, including the BlackBerry Keyone, is taking a screenshot. Thankfully, BlackBerry decided to stick with the normal Android method when taking a screenshot, using a combination of the power and volume buttons…

How to assign an action or app to the BlackBerry Keyone’s convenience key

As an added convenience, TCL has added an additional hardware button to the right side of the BlackBerry Keyone. Called the Convenience key, that button can be programmed to launch an app, quickly call someone in your phonebook, or even send a quick text message.

BlackBerry Keyone Stories May 4, 2017

Our review of the BlackBerry Keyone dropped today and one of the smartphone’s standout features is its physical keyboard. The problem with the physical keyboard, though, is that while some people love using it to quickly write out a message, others dislike it because it’s always there and takes real estate away from a potentially larger display. Could a physical keyboard phone like the Keyone become your daily driver?

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Being a millennial, I grew up using flip phones and, later, “smartphones” from BlackBerry and Palm that offered physical keyboards. I loved these types of phones because I could type on them so much faster than the outgoing T9 format. And as the world moved towards modern day smartphones, I’ve long wished I could get another phone with a physical keyboard.

That was until I used the BlackBerry Keyone for several weeks…

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How to change the BlackBerry Keyone’s recent apps screen layout

Out of the box, the BlackBerry Keyone has a very stock Android look and feel, albeit with some small tweaks. Other than the added BlackBerry security features and applications, one of the biggest differences of the Keyone compared to the stock Android interface is the recent app section’s layout. Thankfully, there is a way to change it…

How to enable/disable the BlackBerry Keyone’s Productivity tab

To help you combine all of your different messages, calendars, and contacts, BlackBerry has built something called the Productivity tab into the Keyone. To make the tab useful, it’s located just a swipe away on the edge of the Keyone’s display. But it doesn’t have to be…

Smartphones have evolved a lot over the years. One of the biggest changes, though, came with the move in popularity from the BlackBerry to the iPhone. It was a jarring transformation, but there’s no question who got it right. Now, nearly a decade later, BlackBerry is a brand that is shocking to hear in the mobile industry, but it’s also one people still fondly remember.

In 2016, BlackBerry tried to make a comeback in the mobile space with the debut of the BlackBerry Priv, an Android-powered slider with a physical keyboard that, well, didn’t do very well. At CES 2017, though, BlackBerry took the wraps off of its latest project with TCL, now known as the Keyone. It made waves in the news as the return to form so many wanted from the company, and now it’s finally for sale. Should you buy it? Let’s take a closer look…

Comment: How BlackBerry fixed the Keyone ahead of its launch

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BlackBerry Keyone Stories April 27, 2017

This morning, TCL announced that the BlackBerry Keyone will be making its way to the US and Canada starting on May 31st. Although you might not be able to order the handset just yet, we do have a unit in hand. Here’s a quick slideshow showing you the unboxing experience of the Keyone’s retail packaging…

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First unveiled at this year’s CES, the BlackBerry Keyone (formally known as the Mercury), is the device for those who either love phones with physical keyboards or those who love the BlackBerry brand and everything it represents. It has been a long time coming, but we have officially received word from TCL that the BlackBerry Keyone will be available to purchase in the US and Canada starting on May 31st…

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BlackBerry Keyone Stories March 31, 2017

BlackBerry has delayed the KeyOne until May

April is just a day away and is supposed to mark the arrival of two important phones. One of those is the Galaxy S8, one of Android’s biggest releases for the year. The other is the BlackBerry KeyOne, the phone that will play a big role in deciding the company’s future. Unfortunately, the latter has been delayed…

BlackBerry Keyone Stories February 25, 2017


Today at MWC 2017, BlackBerry and TCL officially unveiled the BlackBerry KeyOne, the device formerly known as the “Mercury.” Since the reveal, the biggest complaint I’ve seen circulating around social media regards the pricing, particularly how high it is. Do you think the KeyOne is overpriced?

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BlackBerry’s “hail mary” just went official, the BlackBerry “KeyOne.” Previously referred to as the “Mercury,” this new device from BlackBerry brings the company’s signature design, including the always available hardware keyboard, along with Android. It certainly grabbed a lot of attention back at CES 2017, but now, we finally know all the remaining details…

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BlackBerry is set to introduce the world to its ‘Mercury’ phone later this morning (or later this evening if you’re in Barcelona), but the phone — now officially known as the “KeyOne” — actually just leaked on BlackBerry’s site. We’ll have a livestream up for you soon if you want to tune in, but almost everything about the phone has now surfaced straight from the horse’s mouth. Keep reading to check out the full specs and a gallery of screenshots from the now-pulled KeyOne website

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