Fall is here and it’s time for cold days, Pumpkin Spice Lattes, and the beautiful scenery that comes with the leaves changing. To celebrate, Samsung has a new color for one of its flagship phones, the Galaxy S8 in “Burgundy Red.”

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Samsung is no stranger to offering its phones in an assortment of color options, but it’s been quite some time since we got a red version of any of its phones. That’s surprising given Apple’s red iPhone 7 last year, but nevertheless, Samsung has just unveiled this new “Burgundy Red” color variant for the Galaxy S8 and it is stunning.

This new color is clearly inspired by the changing seasons, and it’s a welcome addition. The red color takes over the entire rear of the phone right down to the metal frame. It’s not a bright red, but rather a darker, slightly more subtle one. Personally, I think it’s absolutely gorgeous.

Sadly, this color option probably won’t be seen in too many regions. As announced on Facebook, the product is already available in Samsung’s home region of South Korea, but there’s no indication we’ll see an expansion. It seems unlikely too, given how far we are into the S8’s life cycle.

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