Google Assistant is really powerful, and one of its best use cases is controlling smart home products. However, setting up smart home devices on Assistant can be a bit irritating. Now, Google is making it easier by adding a command to Assistant which pairs devices directly by voice.

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First spotted by Android Police, Google has recently added the command “sync my lights” to Google Assistant on your phone and on Home devices. Simply saying something like “Ok Google, sync my lights” will refresh your currently connected services or enable you to pair new devices from that same account.

For example, asking Google to do this when you’ve recently added new bulbs to your Phillips Hue collection will bring those into the fold. It should also come in handy for the times when you change a particular device’s name or room, or perhaps if you’ve added scenes.

This isn’t something you’re going to use constantly or even regularly, but it’s a nice addition to Assistant’s┬árepertoire of various commands.

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