Chromebooks are continually picking up steam in the education market, and this week, a few Chrome OS veterans have been debuting their latest education models. Today, Dell has announced its all-new 5000-series Chromebooks.

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The Dell 5000-series kicks off with the 11-inch Chromebook 5190. This Chromebook is available as a typical clamshell laptop or a 2-in-1, and there’s even an optional “world facing” camera for taking photos in tablet mode.

To get the most out of the 2-in-1 model, Dell includes stylus support, but it’s not totally clear if one is included. Further, you get USB-C, as well as up to 13 hours of battery life on a charge.

Since this is a Chromebook for schools, it also gets a ruggedized design which includes a scratch-resistant display, reinforced hinges, a spill-resistant keyboard, and a stronger, drop resistant chassis.

The Dell Chromebook 5000 series is built to withstand common accidents that may happen in the classroom or on the go with a new robust chassis design that survives 48-inch drop tests and 30-inch drop tests onto steel (the approximate height of a classroom desk on the harshest possible surface). Plus, Dell is the first Chromebook manufacturer with the ability to claim its devices can withstand 10,000 micro-drops. With 4-inch drops performed in multiple angles, Dell could replicate student device damage seen at two to four-year usage.

Powering the Dell Chromebook 5190 is a dual-core or quad-core Intel Celeron processor, but it’s unclear how much storage and RAM will be included. Availability kicks off in February 2018, and pricing starts at $289.

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