With studies like the one done by AAA showing that Android Auto is a less-distracting option for drivers, it should be no surprise that car manufacturers like Alfa Romeo, Nissan, Volvo, and soon Dacia are including Google’s software in more of their vehicles.

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As spotted by AndroidPolice, both Nissan and Volvo are adding Android Auto to a handful of vehicles and navigation systems. And Alfa Romeo is adding it to two cars that the company had already confirmed availability for:

Alfa Romeo

  • 2018+ Giulia
  • 2018+ Stelvio


  • 2018+ Kicks
  • MM518D-L
  • MM518D-W


  • 2019+ S60
  • 2019+ V60
  • 2018+ XC40

In addition to these, Dacia, a Romanian car manufacturer whose cars are primarily sold overseas, has been added to the official list of OEMs that support Android Auto. Unfortunately, this page doesn’t state which vehicles will get Google’s infotainment system.

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