Google is constantly working on new applications to suit specific needs, and this week its new “Blog Compass” app has started making the rounds as an easy tool for bloggers to manage their sites from a mobile device.

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Blog Compass first launched earlier this year and it’s designed to make it really easy for bloggers to manage their posts, site stats, and more from a central mobile app. As pointed out on the app’s official website, Blog Compass can be used to track views on your site, moderate comments, and even to see when posts hit Google search.

Google has also added some handy tools for bloggers including being able to quickly see trending topics based on your interests and the content already on your blog. It also offers lessons to help make the site more successful including SEO tips and more.

Interestingly, Google has made this app not only to work with its own service, but also WordPress. For now, Blog Compass is exclusive to the Indian market. If you live in the region, you can download the app on Google Play for free.

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