Android TV is a pretty stellar platform if you ask me, but its Chromecast functionality has felt broken for a while. Now, though, Google is fixing one major gripe by allowing Google Assistant to play content on Netflix through Android TV devices.

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Backing up for some context, Android TV has supported basic Chromecast functionality since its launch. The platform acts as a cast target for the same apps and services as a standard Chromecast would. However, certain features don’t carry over to the platform such as backdrop, but more notably you’re not able to cast things from Google Assistant. YouTube works, but others haven’t previously worked.

Now, Google is enabling Netflix to play on devices such as the Nvidia Shield and Xiaomi Mi Box with Assistant casting. Some users have already noticed that the functionality is live, and Google confirmed to Android Police that it should roll out to “100% of units” by the end of this week. Currently, it’s unclear if other Assistant casting providers work, but Netflix was certainly high on the list for this.

To try it out, you’ll need to link your Netflix account and say something along the lines of “Hey Google, play Stranger Things on Netflix on SHIELD.” Obviously, the device name will vary based on what you’re using.

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