Google offers up quite a lot of free perks to its Local Guides users, and that’s because they help so much with improving Maps. For the holidays, Google appears to be sending out a pair of nifty socks to some Local Guides.

Nomad case for Pixel 3

As noted by some Local Guides on Twitter and Reddit, Google is sending out a free pair of socks which are decorated with landmarks and the Local Guides brand name on the bottom. Google’s tag on the socks notes them as a “gift for your next adventure.”

Here’s a token of thanks for helping millions of people explore the world on Google Maps. Show off your Local Guides pride everywhere you go. #LocalGuides

Currently, it’s unclear to us who qualifies for this free bonus. One user on Reddit is at Level 7 as a Local Guide and notes receiving the gift while others in that same ballpark did not. Qualifications may also include country, but that’s unconfirmed. Based on Google’s quote above, it seems entirely possible that the number of views your photos have amassed may have something to do with it.

In any case, Local Guides who do manage to qualify for the free socks will have likely already received an email with more information about the gift. The email asks for users to fill out a form which includes asking for shipping information.

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