After more than a year of rumors and even some public testing, Google is finally set to unveil its long-awaited game streaming service and hardware. Google’s GDC 2019 event kicks off at 10AM PST, 1PM EST on March 19th, 2019, and here’s is how to tune in to the livestream.

As Google events go, we actually know less about this one than we’re used to — but that might be because it’s just a bit less exciting, at least on the hardware side. Reports suggest that the core of today’s announcement will be around a futuristic game streaming service that has many technical similarities to Project Stream.

The most details came from a last-minute Kotaku report, which says features include being able to watch live gameplay and jumping right into that moment via purchasing the game yourself. This might suggest that the service will involve purchasing games outright rather than paying a Netflix-like subscription.

We’ve also heard from a source that the service involves a strong social/communications component, which would make sense in light of Fortnite (and other games’) success as a new category of social gaming. On the hardware side, the event is speculated to include the announcement of a fancy controller of some kind for the service.

We’re on the ground liveblogging the event and you can find our full coverage (both pre-event and post-event roundups!) right over here. If you’re just here for the livestream, see the embed below.

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