Google Yeti Stories July 30

Virtual reality and gaming are two areas of active interest for Google with the former served by Daydream, while the company is reportedly working on a streaming service codenamed “Yeti.” A significant hire from Sony’s PlayStation division today could bolster both efforts.

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Google Yeti Stories June 28

According to rumors earlier this year, Google is developing a subscription game streaming service that involves a hardware console. A new report today confirms that the effort is underway and provides more details, especially on the content side.

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Google Yeti Stories February 7

This morning, a report surfaced about a secret Google gaming-console codenamed ‘Yeti’ that would allow users to stream video games from the cloud. While we have seen Sony and Nvidia introduce similar products, those platforms primarily provide AAA console games.

Before you would ever buy the ‘Yeti’ system and pay Google a monthly subscription, what types of games would the search giant have to provide?

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Besides Android apps and the Play Store, Google’s current gaming efforts are particularly centered around video livestreams on YouTube and Daydream VR. However, the company reportedly has plans for a subscription-based game streaming service that would possibly involve a Made by Google gaming console.

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