It’s pretty impressive how quickly Google Assistant has spread to third-party smart speakers, and one of the first offerings came from Insignia. Today, it’s been confirmed that Insignia has officially discontinued both of its Google Assistant smart speakers.

The best gifts for Android users

When they first debuted, Insignia’s Assistant speakers were immediately pinned as a unique option compared to Google Home. For one, the larger model included a battery for cable-free use, and both had an LED display with a clock. Our hands-on at the time pinned them as the best Assistant speakers for the bedroom.

As the folks over at Android Police first spotted, though, the speakers have recently been discontinued. This shouldn’t come as much of a surprise, as Best Buy almost constantly had these things on sale for far under their MSRP. Still, it’s a shame to see them go. Updates were continually improving the products, and the low cost surely introduced many to Assistant.

Both the battery powered and standard versions of the Insignia speaker are discontinued

Both Best Buy’s and Insignia’s product listings for both the larger, battery-powered speaker as well as the smaller option mark it as “no longer available.” Of course, eBay still has dozens of listings for both models with pricesĀ under $30 for a brand new unit. Even Best Buy still has open box units for $45.

RIP Insignia speakers.

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