Google Assistant speakers come in all shapes and sizes, and one of the few with a clock displayed comes from Best Buy’s Insignia brand. Now, Insignia Google Assistant speakers have added a constant temperature indicator.

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As far as Assistant speakers go, most are pretty much a dime a dozen. Despite the fact that Insignia products are typically pretty generic, the brand’s Assistant speakers stood out back at launch one of the first to offer a built-in digital display for the time. When asked for the weather, that display also showed the temperature.

Noted by Android Police, some owners of Insignia’s Assistant speakers are seeing the temperature displayed constantly. This doesn’t seem to be a bug, but an intentional change which was applied in a recent update. As a Google Home Hub user, I can honestly say that the constantly-available temperature saves me from constantly asking that question, so this seems like a welcome change.

Insignia’s Assistant speakers usually start around $100, but discounts are increasingly more common. Currently, the smaller model costs just over $45 brand new from Best Buy.

Insignia Google Assistant speaker w/ weather display

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