AOC Remix OS all-in-one PC Stories June 15, 2016


Jide has a long history of making hardware running Remix OS. After announcing an all-in-one PC last month, its next product is the Remix Pro — a successor to a Surface-like tablet announced in 2015. The company also announced Remix OS 3.0 and that its all-in-one PC will come in more screen sizes.

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AOC Remix OS all-in-one PC Stories May 11, 2016


Jide has been on a role after launching Remix OS 2.0 earlier this year. Currently in beta, the desktop optimized version of Android has some good design ideas that allows for multitasking and productivity. In partnership with display maker AOC, Jide is making an all-in-one PC that runs Remix OS 2.0.

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