Jide Stories July 17, 2017

Jide’s Android-powered Remix OS matured last year with version 2.0 and later Marshmallow-based 3.0. Creating a desktop-optimized Android, the company also made hardware and later partnered with others. However, development was notably quiet this year, and Jide has today revealed that it is moving away from the consumer space to focus on enterprise.

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Jide Stories February 21, 2017


Most of us carry incredibly powerful smartphones in our pockets each day and in a lot of cases, those phones are more powerful than some older laptops or desktop computers. For many, their smartphone fully replaces their PC. The main limit with this, of course, is screen size. So, what if you could turn your phone into a full PC with a simple dock and monitor? Soon, you’ll be able to with Remix Singularity….

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Jide Stories October 20, 2016


Jide’s Remix OS hardware — including an all-in-one PC and Surface-like competitor — has been mostly limited to China and the Asian market. Its latest living room device is mini computer that will run Nougat and be optimized for watching video and gaming. Launching as a Kickstarter for $99, it will be shipping worldwide in March.

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Jide Stories September 15, 2016


Following the release of Marshmallow-based Remix OS 3.0 in July, Jide has now launched an emulator optimized for playing Android games. Games exist in a window next to other PC — with Mac support arriving later — apps and the Remix OS Player features gaming optimizations like keyboard mapping…

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Jide Stories July 26, 2016


Based on Android Marshmallow, Remix OS 3.0 is now available for download. The next major version of what is essentially desktop Android was announced back in June with the Surface-like Remix Pro tablet. Features include significant updates to multiple window, increased GPU support, and the requisite stability and bug fixes.

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Jide Stories June 15, 2016


Jide has a long history of making hardware running Remix OS. After announcing an all-in-one PC last month, its next product is the Remix Pro — a successor to a Surface-like tablet announced in 2015. The company also announced Remix OS 3.0 and that its all-in-one PC will come in more screen sizes.

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