Cable television Stories February 21, 2014



Streaming TV is heating-up. Amazon looks set to launch its TV box in March, we’re expecting Apple to announce a new Apple TV box in April, and Google is reputed to be not far behind with a Nexus-branded box.

So-called cord-cutting – people who give up their cable TV subscriptions in favor of streaming content over the web – is growing in popularity. Mobile TV viewing on tablets is increasingly common.

All of which makes me wonder whether we’re witnessing the beginning of the end of live TV … ?  expand full story

Cable television Stories May 17, 2012

Study: Adults choose Web over TV, YouTube ads more efficient than cable ads


Google collaborated with advertising research company Nielsen to conduct a series of new cross-media studies for television, and they discovered over one-third of adults opted for broadband Internet over cable TV.

The search engine’s six cross-media studies looked at viewership patterns and campaign effectiveness across television, YouTube, and the Google Display Network. The results indicated 31 percent of 18-to-49-year-old adults are “light TV viewers” who are “more efficiently reached with cross media campaigns on YouTube and the GDN than with TV alone.”

Google’s Advertising Research Manager Sheethal Shobowale took to the official Adwords Blog to further elaborate:

“At the end of 2011, several signs seemed to indicate that younger viewers were watching less TV and spending more time online. In fact, broadcast only/broadband homes have increased 22.8 percent since Q3 2011. We conducted a series of new cross-media studies for TV and six YouTube/GDN campaigns to find out if this trend would continue, and how it might impact advertisers in 2012. […]  Overall, the results suggest that adding YouTube and the GDN to your TV network campaigns improves effectiveness in several powerful ways…”

Check out Google’s infographic below and video above to learn more. 

Cable television Stories November 4, 2011


Google is looking into offering a paid cable subscription model WSJ reported today. The move would put Google at competition with cable providers, and bring new technology to the Google TV. In September, Google brought on former cable-TV executive, Jeremy Stern, to look into adding the subscription model to the platform.

The report says that Google has already begun talking to Walt Disney, Time Warner, and Discovery Communications — but no final decisions have been made. Besides Google TV, Google also has the opportunity to incorporate cable streaming into YouTube, but that is not on the table right now says the report. Google’s fiber network would help with the delivery of the content, which is expected to roll out in Kansas in 2012. We look forward to seeing this story develop.

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