Chrome 57 Stories March 23, 2017

After rolling out to desktops and Android in recent weeks, version 57 is now in the stable channel for Chrome OS devices. There are a number of new features in this release that are especially geared at newer Chromebooks.

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Chrome 57 Stories March 16, 2017

Following a Mac, Windows, and Linux release last week, Chrome 57 is now rolling out to Android with a number of user-facing and developer features. Chrome Custom Tabs now feature the full set of page controls, as web apps gain access to Android’s app drawer, notifications, and other system functions.

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Chrome 57 Stories March 14, 2017

Released last week to Mac, Windows, and Linux, one significant improvement in Chrome 57 reduces the power consumption of tabs in the background. This stricter throttling policy should result in 25% fewer busy background tabs, according to Google.

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Chrome 57 Stories March 9, 2017

Chrome 57 is rolling out now to Mac, Windows, and Linux with a number of features and security fixes. For desktops, this release adds a new grid layout system that allows​ developers to better design for a variety of screen sizes. However, the majority of changes in this version are for Android and Chrome OS.

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Chrome 57 Stories February 2, 2017


The ambitious goal behind Progressive Web Apps is to allow websites to have the same capabilities and features as a native app, but without the initial download. Google has been a heavy backer of this model and will soon grant PWAs more system-wide access and integration in Android.

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