Progressive Web Apps Stories May 28

Progressive Web Apps are going to be an important part of the web going forward, and Google Chrome has been going all-in on the functionality. Now, with its latest updates, Google is working on a new Chrome setting that launches Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) at startup on your computer.

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Progressive Web Apps Stories May 27

Google’s enterprise communication tools have seen a flurry of changes in recent weeks. The latest is a Progressive Web App for Google Chat that replaces the existing Electron client.

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Progressive Web Apps Stories May 20

[Update: Tutorial] Progressive Web Apps will support Android’s homescreen app shortcuts

Progressive Web Apps are the future as they bring the best parts of the web to a more native experience. Now, for Android users, Progressive Web Apps are picking up the ability to take advantage of app shortcuts on the homescreen.

One of the biggest complaints many have had regarding Chrome OS over the years has been the app situation, but that’s been getting better and better over time. A big help has come from Progressive Web Apps, and now, the Google Play Store is distributing some PWAs including YouTube TV and Twitter on Chrome OS.

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Progressive Web Apps Stories January 25

YouTube TV prompting frequent watchers to install Progressive Web App

Progressive Web Apps have a promising future rivaling native applications as the web become more feature-rich and powerful. Google has been fast to adopt, with YouTube TV prompting “every day” watchers to install the PWA.

Progressive Web Apps Stories January 22

Progressive Web Apps might be a huge deal in the future, but right now, many of the sites and services we want to use in this way simply aren’t available. Recently, though, Google Drive made its debut as a Progressive Web App (PWA).

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