Chrome Dev Summit Stories September 29, 2021

Following I/O in May, Google’s next big developer events in 2021 will be Dev Summits for Android and Chrome

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Chrome Dev Summit Stories November 12, 2018

Google Chrome Labs releases open source, browser-based image optimization tool, Squoosh

As web pages have advanced over the years, they have also dramatically increased in size. This has gradually contributed to pages loading slower and slower. To help web developers easily optimize their pages, Google Chrome Labs has released a new web tool called Squoosh that can downsize, compress, and reformat images.

Chrome Dev Summit Stories October 24, 2017

At the fifth annual Chrome Dev Summit yesterday, Google announced a number of new advancements for the web and specifically its browser. The 2017 conference introduced new tools and features that sites can take advantage of, with Progressive Web Apps that blur the line between the web and native being a big focus.

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Chrome Dev Summit Stories August 31, 2017

Google announces Chrome Dev Summit 2017 in San Francisco from October 23-24

In recent years, Google has hosted a number of dedicated events for its key developer platforms. Smaller and more focused than I/O, these summits are well-regarded by developers. Google has just announced that the Chrome Dev Summit 2017 will be hosted this October in San Francisco.

Chrome Dev Summit Stories August 11, 2015

Google Chrome Dev Summit tickets now available

Google this morning made tickets available for its Chrome Dev Summit held at the Google Quad building. The event runs for two days between November 17th and 18th and is exclusively designed to help Chrome engineers and developers build better, faster and more attractive web apps. The company warns that places are limited and anyone seeking to go should register for their ticket as soon as they can.

Google’s Chrome Dev Summit will feature short talks, collaborative discussions and code labs among other events. For those who can’t make it in person, Google will stream all presentations live and make them available to watch on YouTube afterwards. Keep an eye on the Google Developers YouTube channel to stay updated during the event.

Tickets to this November’s event are available now from Google’s Chrome Dev Summit home page.

Chrome Dev Summit Stories August 13, 2013

Google announces Chrome Dev Summit coming Nov. 20-21 in Mountain View

Google announced today on Google+ that it will be holding a two-day Chrome Dev Summit later this year to discuss “new web APIs, multi-device workflows, performance tips and the guts of Blink.” The event will be held at Google’s HQ in Mountain View and it will also be live streamed to all that can’t make it on YouTube.

The dev summit is scheduled for November 20-21 and Google says registration for developers will open soon. No word on whether or not we might see some new product announcements, but it’s likely this will be a much smaller event that Google I/O and its recent Nexus 7 event.

Google has a website for the upcoming Chrome Dev Summit for those that want to learn more and a survey to find out what developers are interested in learning about at the event. Here’s a bit of what to expect:

  • Laughing in the face of dropped network connections
  • Optimizing the performance across GPU, CPU, and network
  • Maintaining and scaling your code
  • Jank busting and smooth scrolling
  • Testing workflows for multi-device deployments
  • Designing UX patterns for mobile web apps
  • Making friends with screens of all sizes
  • Directing the evolution of the web
  • Living in a declarative world with Web Components
  • Working smarter not harder with better workflow and tools

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